Charles Regalado, DDS


Charles Regalado, DDS of Spokane Washington has spent more than 20 years researching and developing the best methods for transforming your smile into something beautiful. Through advanced aesthetics and restorative dentistry, Dr. Regalado provides his patients with the smile they have always wanted.

Research shows that most dentistry logos often convey images of the tooth or tooth brush. We wanted to move away from these overused icons and create a more personalized approach that would illustrate Dr. Regalado’s main objective of providing a beautiful, natural smile.


After many logo variations, a new visual identity was born for Charles Regalado, DDS. The chosen logo has a representation of a smile (letter C) and a person lounging in comfort (letter R). Purple conveys the luxurious service patients receive. Refreshing and cleansing Teal is for the way your mouth will feel after a visit with Charles Regalado, DDS.



Annie Warner Pro Athlete


Annie Warner is a professional triathlete and swim coach with an impressive racing record, including multiple 1st place finishes. Annie tasked Tran Creative with developing a visual identity that would allow her to extend her brand into a wider stage.

After many logo variations, we narrowed down to 3 logos and asked the audience to help Annie select one. The chosen final logo carries initials A & W. The design stylization of letter “A” conveys movement (arm, leg). Letter “W” signifies water, an attribute to Annie’s background in collegiate swimming. Green and Blue represent the Pacific NW colors. Green is also for easy going, and friendly personality. Blue is for freshness and water.

With this fresh new look, Annie Warner is now armed with a solid visual representation to be recognized on an international level as an elite athlete.

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