Area Agency on Aging

Tran Creative creates the new branding and awareness campaign for Area Agency on Aging of Colville Tribes. We highlighted AAoA’s services to promote a healthier lifestyle and increased socialization for Seniors to live long, live well and live safe.

Childhood Cancer Coalition

Tran Creative creates the new brand identity for Childhood Cancer Coalition, formerly American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland Northwest. We worked closely with the executive director and board of directors to come up with a new name. The new logo captures the initials C, C, C and a firefly spreading its wings to light the way in time of darkness and hopelessness. The bright and flavorful color palette communicates: hope, light, compassion and healing. The logo mark is thoughtful, vibrant, full of movement to shine on its own on merchandise. We created the new website to tell the story of the organization:

Northwest Native Chamber

Tran Creative creates the new brand identity for Northwest Native Chamber, formerly Oregon Native American Chamber. The organization has been growing across the Northwest. While keeping the core meanings of the original logo (designed by Victor Pascual), we updated and simplified the new logo with design patterns of baskets, represented a larger system of trade and commerce, arrows pointing four directions, a universal symbol that is recognized among many Indigenous people. The Northwest color palette is symbolic of nature, soil, greenery, water, inclusivity, anchored by blue for trust, stability and experience. We maximized the logo mark by implemented its pattern as brand graphics on print assets. We also collaborated with Reinvent Creative to create the design of the new website.  

Contract Design

Tran Creative creates the new brand identity system for Contract Design, formerly known as Contract Design Associates, a leading office furniture and authorized Herman Miller dealer in the Northwest for 40 years with offices in Spokane, Washington and Montana. 

The new logo is crafted with: letters C, D, network, link, connection, valued relationship with vendors, collaborators, sub-contractors, clients, team… The logo mark communicates: planning, layers of floor plans, 3D perspective. Lowercase ‘contract’ is friendly and approachable. All Cap ‘DESIGN’ represents professionalism and industry experience. Black gives a nod to history, stability and experience. Red radiates excitement, energy, passion, innovation. The logo mark is also being used as brand pattern. 

Not Our Native Daughters

Tran Creative creates the new branding and awareness campaign for Not Our Native Daughters – Missing, Exploited, Murdered Indigenous Women & Children. Our team is grateful and honored to work with NOND founder, Lynnette Grey Bull, who was featured in Dateline NBC special ‘The Secrets of Spirit Lake’ focused on the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. 

Native American women are stalked, raped, murdered, sexually assaulted, abused and suffer domestic violence at a rate 50 times the national average. May we continue to honor all victims, show support by continuing to stand for them. Fight with us and help spread the awareness. 

The NEW LOGO captures: NOND, filling & fitting in the gaps to provide support for victims and families, crafted with tribal shapes & patterns. The campaign raises awareness with alarming stats but also celebrates beauty and divine roots of native daughters.

The work we’ve done for NOND resulted in 12 ADDY Awards at the 2023 American Advertising Awards.  

Tribal Fire Prevention

DID YOU KNOW – 4 out of 5 wildfires are caused by people… 4.5 million homes are at high risk from wildfires… 7.13 million U.S. acres burned in wildfires in 2021… Help us raise awareness, protect, save lives and sacred lands.

Youth Suicide Awareness

Tran Creative creates the new campaign of Youth Suicide Awareness for Colville Tribes in Washington. We developed the campaign name, logo, brand identity, posters, flyers. The goal is to get the word out there to the tribes and hopefully can save someone’s life.

Gambling Awareness

Tran Creative creates the new campaign of Gambling Awareness for Colville Tribes in WA. We developed the campaign name, logo, identity, posters, flyers and website. Using the familiar characters of Joker, Jack, Queen, King, our creative team crafted custom tribal design/illustration and incorporated tips for responsible gambling. The new website provides tips, resources and allows people to download posters, flyers:

The work we did for this project resulted in 2 ADDY Awards at the 2023 American Advertising Awards.

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