Sole Solutions


Since 1998, Sole Solutions located by Spokane Valley Mall in Washington, has been offering wide selections of shoes, expertise and knowledge in foot conditions, diabetic shoes, etc. Sole Solutions hired Tran Creative to refresh their Visual Branding: logo, print materials and web site.

After much research and nearly 100 different logo ideas, the NEW LOGO captures the S, legs, feet, movement, flexibility and shoe traction. Gray = experienced shoe experts. Green = fresh ideas, creative thinking, innovation.

The new logo is used on all marketing pieces and a new web site:



Hern Recycling Foundry


HERN Recycling Foundry has been in business since 1971. With facilities located on 32 Acres of land in Coeur d’Alene, HERN is well-known as experts in iron foundry, metal recycling, cannon design & production, and all things metal… HERN hired Tran Creative to help tell their story through Visual Branding, from logo design to responsive e-commerce web development and marketing.

After much research and over 100 logo concepts, the final logo captures the legacy of 2 generations in 2 simple shapes to form letter H within a family crest. The new logo mark also conveys heavy duty tools, equipments, materials without being too specific. We want the brand to have flexibility and not get boxed in so it can grow, evolve, and encompass other lines of service in the future.

Orange/Yellow is for heat to mold metal, innovation, ideas, and passion. Gray is for metal, stability and experience.

The new logo is applied on all marketing materials including a comprehensive, responsive e-commerce web site.



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