Heart Song Massage Therapy


Heart Song Massage Therapy is located in Hayden, Idaho. They provide therapeutic massage that integrates deep tissue work and offer hot & cold stone massage.

They asked Tran Creative to create a new visual identity. After research and many logo explorations, the chosen final logo captures the “H” and “S” working together in harmony and cohesion. The “Song” concept was also emphasized with 2 music notes, but minimal to avoid leaning toward the “music” industry. HeartSong means doing what you love and enjoy most while humming along to life’s favorite song, from the heart.

Color brick red represents love and passion from the Heart. Sage green is for new start, life and better health.

Washington Association of Nurse Anesthetists


WANA includes over 600 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and student members in Washington State. They hired Tran Creative to provide Branding services: Logo, Print Collateral and a new Web Site.

After extensive research, brand visual audits & analysis and many logo design variations, the new chosen logo captures the word WANA, mountain peaks and landscape of Washington without being too “scenic” like a travel/tourism logo. The new logo also communicates Unity and working together as a network. Tube-like and line execution transpired from equipments and instruments used by CRNAs: tubes, lines and syringes. The 4 colors conveys: community and diversity of WANA members from Seattle to Spokane, WA.

To learn more about WANA, visit: www.WANA-CRNA.org



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