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Hayden Triathlon

Hayden View Triathlon started in the summer of 2008. After 3 years of establishment, its brand has taken a toll. Series of events in 2010 have led to a substantial drop in brand equity. Many people enjoyed the beautiful race venue, but wondered about the uncertainty of the brand. Will it still go on…? Tran Creative has

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Moneta Institute

Tran Creative creates the new visual identity and website with a portal of training videos for Moneta Institute: provides training resources in accounting for tribes across the US. The New Logo captures: letter M, digital/online network, connection and the accounting tree. The branches represent connection with users. The trunk contains the flow of information, providing

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Tribal Resource Alliance

Tran Creative creates the new visual identity for Tribal Resource Alliance, providing resources for tribes in the US: tribal councils and government advising, tribal business management, finance, accounting, tribal audits, public relations, communications, software, IT support, and program development. The new logo captures: letter T, R, A, tribal pattern all connected together. New website launching

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Priest Lake Race

Priest Lake has such a strong nature presence so we decided to focus more on Priest Lake as a distinctive + attractive destination rather than the typical “SWIM.BIKE.RUN” human figures. Research has shown that the area has ties to the Native American tribe Kalispel so an “aged” look was added to bring in a tribal

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CDA Crossing

How often do you get a chance to SWIM 2.4 MILES ACROSS LAKE CDA with hundreds of others and full support, all for a GREAT CAUSE? Tran Creative is excited to team up with CDA Crossing for a 6th consecutive year for an epic 1.2/2.4 mile swim across Lake Coeur d’Alene for local charities with

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Jen McKenna

This charity event is in honor of Jennifer McKenna who passed away June 2019 of cystic fibrosis-related complications. She was 41 years old. Her husband, Corey a seasoned triathlete, created this event in honor of his wife and the impact she had on the CDA community.​ All of the proceeds collected will benefit All Heart

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Holzer Images

Tran Creative creates the new identity for Holzer Images – photographer, scientist and biologist who’s been working around the world chasing mesmerizing lighting and curious perspectives that stimulate conversation and hopefully connect people more intimately with the Natural World and subjects. The new logo captures: h, nature and marine life within the round camera lens.

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Tran Creative creates the new visual identity for SlingShot in Spokane, WA, a center to inspire and help young people with direction for work and life. The New Logo captures: letter S, moving arrows, students & coaches working in tandem to provide and discover purposeful direction. Having a thoughtful and well-crafted logo allows SlingShot to

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E Squared

Tran Creative creates the new visual identity for Erin Elizabeth’s E Squared Interior Design. The New Logo captures: E, 2, square, interior space and floor plan.

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