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Xavier Excavation Logo on hard hats

Xavier Excavation

Tran Creative creates the new brand identity for Xavier Excavation. The new logo captures: X, blade, heavy-duty equipment, machinery to move dirt, land.

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VIP Nurse logo on a booklet

VIP Nurse

Tran Creative creates the new identity for VIP Nurse in the Seattle area, specializes in skilled nursing and personal caregiver services for patients recovering from surgical procedures in the comfort and privacy of their own home, hotel suite, or a luxury Airbnb. The NEW LOGO captures: V, human body anatomy, surgical lines. Gold and purple:

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San Poil Treatment Center logo printed on a paper cup

San Poil Treatment Center

Tran Creative creates the new brand identity for San Poil Treatment Center, a 46 bed facility opening soon on the Colville Reservation in Keller, WA. The NEW LOGO captures: helping hands, tribal patterns, balanced steps to recovery from substance abuse, chemical dependency. See the new website with videos of tribal members including drone shots of

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7 Wonders logo design on a bag

7 Wonders Beauty & Spa Center

Tran Creative creates the brand identity for 7 Wonders Beauty AVEDA in Spokane Valley, WA. The 7 Wonders logo, constructed with number 7 and letter W, won a Gold ADDY award at the American Advertising Awards. CONGRATS Ann and the 7 Wonders team on your growth and success. See the new website: 7wondersbeauty.com

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SOL Spine & Injury logo design on a navy blue T-shirt

Sol Spine & Injury

Tran Creative creates the new identity and website for Sol Spine & Injury in the Los Angeles area. Sol = sun light. The new logo captures: S, sun rays, spine, acupuncture with dynamic movement toward health, wellness. Blue = experience, healthcare, trust. Gold = gold standard, excellence, sun light. See the new website: solspineandinjury.com

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Rite Passage Website Design by tran creative

Rite Passage

Rite Passage in Utah assists college students in the pursuit of healthy autonomy, independence and successful college education. The NEW LOGO created by Tran Creative is constructed of 3 shapes with movement forming the passage and letter R & P. The vibrant colors captures the excitement and hopefulness.See the new website: ritepassage.com

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WANA website design by tran creative

Washington Association of Nurse Anesthetists

WANA includes over 600 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and student members in Washington State. They hired Tran Creative to provide Branding services: Logo, Print Collateral and a new Web Site. After extensive research, brand visual audits & analysis and many logo design variations, the new chosen logo captures the word WANA, mountain peaks and

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Unified Care logo on a coaster

Unified Care

Tran Creative creates the new identity for Unified Care, with almost 70 employees, five care facilities and headquarters in Spokane Valley. Unified Care provides help for people with mental health & developmental disabilities, substance abuse. We created a logo system that will allow the brand to grow more care facilities by keeping the logo mark

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Stay Safe Colville Tribes print poster series design by tran creative

Stay Safe Colville Tribes

Tran Creative creates a new identity and public health campaign for the Colville Tribes, WA. The new logo captures: tribal, C for Colville, 12 tribes of Colville and 7 pillars (Seven Directions is the Native American concepts of health and well-being not only include an individual’s physical and mental health, but the person’s emotional and

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