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Research showed that most dental/orthodontics logos often carried symbols of teeth, toothbrushes, braces, etc. We wanted to break away from the expected and create a visual identity that would capture the personalities of Jaeger Orthodontics.

Jaeger Orthodontics has nearly 3 decades of experience in providing orthodontic treatments. They are well-known in the community, and have served generations of patients. Dr. Jaeger is also well-liked by the staff. Some of the team members have been with him for over 2 decades.

After a series of logo variations, the chosen final logo communicates the many aspects of Jaeger Orthodontics: Letters J for Jaeger, generations of patients, well-liked by staff and community, and has a joyful feel that radiates throughout the Jaeger office.




With the launch of Braces2School, a state of the art mobile orthodontics clinic, Jaeger Orthodontics has hired Tran Creative to design a fresh new logo and web site to reflect both entities.

The new Braces2School logo is an extension of Jaeger Orthodontics logo. The four “J” curl into circles (wheels of the bus). The circles are also stylized into people elements (students, teachers, parents, community). The brown circle remains in the center as a tribute to Jaeger Orthodontics, the root of the brand. The vibrant colors convey: community, friendly & upbeat staff and generations of patients. Together, they roll forward from schools to schools, continuing its history of pioneering service to the community for the past 20+ years as the leader in orthodontics.

Tran Creative will also be implementing the new logo across all communication pieces: stationery, rack card, brochure, signage, a brand new web site, and a state of the art mobile orthodontic office RV.

We’d like to introduce the new site: www.JaegerOrthodontics.com



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