INDVSA | Inland Northwest Disabled Veterans Sports Association


INDVSA | Inland Northwest Disabled Veterans Sports Association is a team of active disabled veterans dedicated to an active lifestyle. This non profit organization has become an important part of the community, by taking down barriers, educating the public and encouraging members to join & participate in sporting events. After lots of research, it was clear that we needed to create a unique mark that shows how important these heroes really are.

The final logo choice consists of five rotating shapes coming together to form a star in the center. The star represents veteran honor. The five shapes symbolize the community coming together to form this special coalition. We wanted the star to mimic movement, to show that although these folks are disabled because of circumstances, they are proudly moving forward and making great things happen in our community. The stand alone blue in the star represents the subtle “Disabled”. To make the acronym easier to read & remember, INDVSA was separated into two colors. Gold for honor, and blue for determination. For more information about this great non profit organization, please visit:


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