Action Orthopedic and Sports Medicine


ACTION Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is opening up a brand new practice in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They hired Tran Creative to create a brand identity system, including print collateral pieces and a web site.

During research, we’ve found many orthopedic logos with the “orthopedic tree” and obvious human bodies. After many logo explorations, the chosen logo captures the “A” in motion. Because ACTION dealt with many specialties, we wanted flexibility to encompass variety of procedures. Tran Creative’s designers stylized 2 simple shapes that convey non specific body parts: elbow, arm, leg, knee, leg, bone, joint, etc. with an arrow in blue moving forward.

Color blue represents trust. Orange is symbolic of innovation and passion for continuation of service excellence.

See the website:


Action_Orthopedic_and_Sports_Medicine_website_Design_Tran_Creative Action_Orthopedic_Rackcard_brochure_design_tran_creative

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