Valley OBGYN


Tran Creative was¬†hired to provide Branding services for Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology, a women’s clinic in Spokane Valley, WA.


After lots of research in obstetrics and gynecology identities, we found that there was a distinct pattern in the logos: lots of female bodies, flowers, leaves and butterflies. We wanted to create a unique look, communicate the field of OBGYN, without being obvious or specific.


The chosen logo consists of two shapes coming together to form a feminine V. The mark resembles the bulge of a belly, uterus, curves of a woman’s body, and/or the female reproductive organs. We chose purple for a feminine feel, and green for health and safety.

The new logo is used on all corporate collateral and advertising materials.


ValOBGYN_rackcards_back_graphic_design_tran_creative_spokane_washington ValOBGYN_rackcards_front_graphic_design_tran_creative_spokane_washington ValOBGYN_trifold_tran_creative_graphic_design