Zazalula Farms

NEW LOGO – Zazalula farms in Hawaii offer acres of fruits and vegetables for locals and tourists. The logo is constructed with an ornate letter Z that captures vines, fruits, vegetables, leaves and plants.

Mango field,mango farm with blue sky background.Agricultural background concept.Retouch by add blue sky. Garden of mango trees

Monica Mastroianni Realty

NEW LOGO – Monica Mastroianni Realty in Southern California. Comprising of letters M & M, building, structure, real estate.

DNA – Dadi Niss Americas

NEW LOGO – DNA is the partnership between DADI Engineering and NISS with offices in Australia, China and the US. DNA has the largest global engineering team in the mining industry with more than 600 engineers, covers all aspects of mining supplies, materials and equipment for both surface and underground.

DNA hired Tran Creative to provide branding services. The final chosen logo is constructed with letters D, N, A, dna strand, network & connectivity, layers of construction & underground structure.

Moose & Fig

NEW LOGO – We’re excited to introduce Moose & Fig, a company that makes hand soap, bath & body products in Coeur d’Alene and distributes nationwide. The new logo is consisted of a moose in the negative space of the fig. The new logo will be incorporated into packaging and website.


NEW LOGO – Dog-N-It in Coeur d’Alene provides hotel & daycare for dogs. Research shows that most pet logos often showcase only animals. We crafted the new logo not only with a custom dog but also the letter “D” to give it a custom mark just for Dog-N-It.

Cozy Coffee Bistro

NEW LOGO – Cozy Coffee & Bistro in Spokane Valley on Barker has coffee, sandwiches, salads, beer, wine and a menu of delicious food options. During research, we saw many coffee logos with overdone mug, cup… The new logo captures: letter C for Cozy, bowl, cup, aroma, leaf for salad, tea… beyond coffee. An earthy color palette adds flavors to the brand.

Island Postal Service

NEW LOGO – We’re excited to launch the new logo for IPS stores in Hawaii. The chosen logo captures: island flavor, tiki, pineapple, finger print for notary. Arrows and pathways convey shipping, postal service.

Madison Home


Madison Home is an upscale furniture store in Spokane, WA. It has been around for over 10 years. Madison asked Tran Creative to help create a new visual identity that is elegant, modern, and classy. The result is a stylized signature “M” for Madison positioned inside a square shape.

The idea: Square shape = Exactness, Precision. At Madison Home, we are committed to take great care of our customers by providing exceptional services + quality products. We put our signature mark on each home we design & each item we sell.

Thank you for checking out the new site:



Marketing Series

Mel Fit

NEW LOGO – Meet our friend Melissa, the creator of MelFit – all things health, fitness, and lifestyle worldwide. Melissa was formerly a size 15; she has maintained a size 3 for almost 20 years now. Because of these experiences, Melissa understands what it takes to succeed… as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Chef, Marathon Coach, Life Coach, Wife, Mom, Grandma…

The final LOGO captures: letter M, weights, balance, durability, strength, toughness… from the heart.

Fuller Entertainment

We’re excited to create the NEW LOGO for Fuller Entertainment – DJ for weddings & events, dance instruction, professional dancing, choreography, music production… The new logo captures: F for Fuller with a futuristic typography, action & movement, turn table, disc, night life… We created a color pallet that allows the logo to shine on different color backgrounds.