San Poil Treatment Center

AWARD-WINNING Tribes – Congratulations to our client, Colville Tribes, for taking home 7 Awards for the Logo and Marketing Campaign (including Best of Division and Best of Show) at the 2022 American Advertising Awards in Spokane, WA.

Tran Creative created the new brand identity, logo, posters, business cards, website and marketing assets for San Poil Treatment Center, a 46-bed state of the art facility on the Colville Reservation in Keller, WA. The new logo captures: helping hands, tribal patterns, balanced steps to recovery from substance abuse, chemical dependency. We created a poster series called “Our Divine Heritage” to pay tribute to the divine ancestry of tribal members and remind the residents in treatment to remember their roots and make a change for a better life.  

We also created posters, postcards, wall art inspired by the “Helping Hands” of the logo. Each hand combination communicates the relationship each person can have in life. Through TREATMENT, one can be back with their kid. Through SOBRIETY, one can be back with their spouse. Through RECOVERY, one can be back with their friend(s) and through WELLNESS, one can get back to work. All these scenarios are anchored with the slogan of “Get back on track and be the person you are destined to be.” Which reminds each person of their divine roots and origins as tribal members. View website:

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