Kootenai Health

With nearly 3,000 employees and continuous growth, Kootenai Health is one of the largest organizations in the Pacific Northwest region. Tran Creative was hired to rebrand the company. After about 1 year of comprehensive planning, research, focus groups, and hundreds of logo design explorations and revisions… together with Kootenai Health, we would like to introduce to you the fresh new look for Kootenai Health.

To update a brand like Kootenai Health’s requires comprehensive work and respect for the equity of the brand. We wanted to value Kootenai’s history (since 1960’s) but also visually represent who they are today. Visual audits of other health care organizations’ logos showed similar themes and colors. We wanted to develop a logo that represented Kootenai Health as: friendly, compassionate, reaching out and growing.

The new logo, “the Spark”, features the “K” and captures the spirit of service, health and compassionate care. It reaches up to set high standards and reaches down to lift and provide compassionate care. The new logo also conveys teamwork – weaving together. The balance symmetry of the logo conveys stability, experience, consistency, and growth for the future.

The Kootenai Blue is kept to preserve history. The fresh new Green provides hope and healing.

Kootenai Health’s vision is to be a comprehensive regional medical center by 2020. Visually, this new mark will take them there.

To learn more, visit: www.kootenaihealth.org

Design Process

For about 1 year, Tran Creative worked with Kootenai Health communications and leadership team on research, focus groups, interviews. Only after we’ve gathered these important data, we’ve moved forward on the design process. We’ve explored hundreds of logo concepts in many different directions. Once the “Spark” direction was chosen, the Kootenai Health mark began to take shape.

New Facility

Tran Creative was hired to rebrand Kootenai Health. We got to work with this amazing marketing & communications team, went through an extensive process of about one year from start to launch of the new brand: research, focus groups, interviews, concept, design, presentations… Last week, at the Grand Opening of the $57 million expansion, we had a chance to catch up, a reunion to reflect and marvel… A good friend at this event reminded us, “Years from now, we tell our kids and their kids that we got to work on this legacy project.” Wow!

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