Denise Lundy


DENISE LUNDY has made a name for herself as an expert in Real Estate in the North Idaho region. Her diverse real estate background includes real estate appraisals, experience as Project Coordinator for custom home builders, and all facets of real estate sales and leasing.

Denise Lundy has asked Tran Creative to help create a Brand System that would help communicate her vision, capability, and help Denise Lundy stand out from the mass crowd of competitors.

Research showed that most Real Estate agents and companies commonly had expected symbols: house, roof, key, etc. We wanted to come up with an Identity that’s fresh, unique, and out-of-the-box thinking so we took a step back and looked at a much bigger picture.

Letters “D” and “L” for Denise Lundy forming part of a Plat Map from Bird’s-Eye View. It shows that Denise Lundy not only help her clients with real estate but she always looks at the big picture when it comes to helping her client succeed in strategic planning, problem solving, marketing, customer service, and much more…

The chosen color palette gives the Denise Lundy Brand an artistic & creative touch. The logo itself could be made into art.



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