Bretta Provost

NEW LOGO – Bretta Provost is an Entrepreneur, former executive of corporate America, hotel owner, engineer, triathlete, beauty pageant contestant… Most importantly, Bretta is a wife and mom. As a proven leader and motivator leading her teams of thousands of people across the world, we are fortunate to have Bretta hire Tran Creative to develop her visual branding. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and to continual success, Bretta Provost.

The new logo features letters b & p, with open and connective access across the globe. The lower case b & p capture Bretta’s down to earth and friendly personality.


NEW LAUNCH – Tran Creative is excited to announce that a group of Orthopedic Surgeons has teamed up to form the most dynamic orthopedic group in the region: Dr. Roger Dunteman, Dr. William Sims, Dr. Doug McInnis, Dr. Jon King, Dr. Scott Brown, Dr. Greg Keese and Dr. Lucas Anderson. With this merger of 7 orthopedic specialists (all fellowship trained), the new OSSM will serve as a one-stop and go-to place for all things orthopedic.

OSSM hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a new logo and website. After extensive research, visual audit and over 100 logo concepts, the NEW LOGO captures letters O.S.S.M, pieces of bones aligning precisely to form the human element with movement and landscape terrain of the Pacific Northwest. 

The new logo will be applied on all marketing materials, videos and a new website:

The new logo we created for OSSM Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine is now prominently displayed on the main wall in the lobby.

CDA5K Summer Series

EXCITING NEWS – After 2 years of planning… INTRODUCING the 1st Annual 2017 CDA 5K Summer Series on July 13, 20, 27 @ 6 pm. Race starts at North Idaho College. Run/walk along the North Idaho Centennial Trail. ONLY $5 entry. Chip timed. Awards for overall and age group winners. Awesome race swags. We encourage ALL runners: families, kids to get out and run/walk.

REGISTER for single race:
REGISTER for all 3 races:

The logo features a blazing C runner.

Branding Sponsor by Tran

NR Consulting Business Services

NEW LAUNCH – NR Consulting specializes in business implementation and processes: accounting, marketing strategy, HR fundamentals… Tran Creative was hired to help with branding. The new logo consists of moving parts, all organized to form letters N, R. Managing a business has many moving parts, NR Consulting helps organize, save money and increase revenues for companies.

NorCal Medical Alert

NEW LAUNCH – Tran Creative is excited to launch a new brand for Norcal Medical Alert (acquired by NorCal is a healthcare company with solutions for medical alert and medication management tools. The new logo captures: helping hands, Northern California coastal landscape, alert waves. Together, they form letter “N” for NorCal. Red highlights alert and Northern Cali. Blue is for calming, safety and Cali ocean. New website launching soon…


LC Engineers

NEW LAUNCH – LC Engineers provides electrical engineering to commercial clients including: planning, design, construction management, commissioning, documentation, project management, quality control, thermal imaging and more. Tran Creative was hired to develop a new logo. After research and explorations, the final chosen logo captures letters L, C, with emphasis on the L as Lamb is the founder’s last name. T-square is for exactness and precision in planning and measurement. Blue is for engineering and experience. Yellow is for spark of innovation and energy.

Inland Empire Allergy

NEW LOGO – Inland Empire Allergy specializes in environmental allergies: tree, grass, pollen… These are key factors for “Hay Fever” that causes problems for ear, nose and throat: nasal congestion, sinus, itchy eyes, runny nose… Tran Creative was hired to create a new logo. The new logo consists of a bunch of letter “i” forming a dandelion, sunshine of clarity, and a burst/reaction of allergy well-contained within a circle. Orange is for burst, sun, reaction. Blue soothes, relieves and clears up allergy, from the core.


Tunstall Americas

NEW LAUNCH – Tunstall Americas, a healthcare company with headquarters in New York, has hired Tran Creative as their creative agency. We are tasked with managing all of Tunstall’s digital, marketing & communications projects including Tunstall’s websites for all the branches. It’s an enjoyable experience working with this great company (with over 3,000 employees globally) for the past few years. Here is a new website we just launched for Tunstall. Thanks for checking it out:


NEW LAUNCH – North Idaho CollegeLewis-Clark State College and Idaho State University hired Tran Creative to create a new website to provide resources for healthcare students entering Idaho’s healthcare workforce and secure Idaho as the leader in healthcare training and education.

Thanks for checking it out:

Cosmic Cowboy Grill

Tran Creative was hired to provide branding services for Cosmic Cowboy Grill (opening April in CDA). The logo consists of letters CC, forming the Cowboy hat. Shape of the Universe enhances the Cosmic concept – especially as distinct from the earth. The food at Cosmic Cowboy is unique. There is nothing like it in this area – fresh grill, delicious greens and appetizing side dishes for people of all ages. WHO’s hungry?