Hayden Triathlon


Hayden View Triathlon started in the summer of 2008. After 3 years of establishment, its brand has taken a toll. Series of events in 2010 have led to a substantial drop in brand equity. Many people enjoyed the beautiful race venue, but wondered about the uncertainty of the brand. Will it still go on…?

Tran Creative has revitalized the brand.

The Strategy:

A new group of motivated & community minded individuals have joined together to reorganize the event. We decided to give the event a new name, a shorter but more direct version from the original name. Since race organizers will be working closely with the City of Hayden, we view it best to call it the All-New Hayden Triathlon.

We wanted to start building brand equity for Hayden. Therefore, the word “View” was dropped because it now signifies a whole new beginning. Obviously, the venue is known for its majestic lake and scenic backdrop of Hayden Lake. “View” is no longer necessary.

The Ideas + Execution:

Research shows that most triathlon logos often have the 3 swim/bike/run figures. We wanted to be professional but unique and different than the rest.

2 active shapes form letter “H” for Hayden. The 2 shapes also read “11”. It signifies the year the event entering into a new era. Orange = Sun + Energy + Passion. Blue = Water + Lake. The typography is clean and timeless so it could exist another 10-20 years.

Many of the local logos often feature pine trees, mountains, and elements that people are expected to see with first thoughts. In this design, we pushed the concept much further and took parts of these elements and applied them in a subtle style. Ex.: the left shape has character of the peak of a mountain. We added the diagonal lines to also communicate the mountain range that we have here in the area. The right shape is part of a person’s leg striking in running form.

Overall, Tran Creative made the logo easy to apply onto different applications + promotional items.

Visit the web site to learn more: www.HaydenTri.com


Prairie Family Medicine

CONGRATULATIONS to Prairie Family Medicine on your fresh new look. Thank you for hiring Tran Creative to provide branding services. After research (we saw thousands of tree/mountain logos) and explorations of about 50 logo concepts, the new chosen logo is constructed of the shape of letter P, prairie (green), lake (blue) and horizon (yellow), reaching toward healing, thriving and living life fully.

Lowercase prairie communicates friendliness, down to earth while FAMILY MEDICINE in cap conveys professionalism and experience in health care.

We love working with PFM because they are not only great at what they do, but they truly have lots of fun doing what they love. What a great culture as they continue to grow, expand and blossom: prairiefamilymed.com

Children’s Village

CONGRATULATIONS Children’s Village, Inc. on your fresh new look. After about 100 logo concepts… In 1 simple shape, the new chosen logo is constructed of letters C & V to form the Open Heart. Many hearts are opened to rescue and care for children in need, homeless, abandoned… #TranCreative team is grateful to be a part of this special legacy project in our community… at the Brand launch reception. Thank you to everyone involved in this project. Together, we made it happen.

Over 2,000 children served and protected, open to children 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.


Next Gen Electric, LLC

CONGRATULATIONS Next Gen Electric, LLC on your fresh new look. Next Gen is growing and continually adding services: from solar panel design, installation and maintenance to onsite energy consultation and more… They hired #TranCreative for branding services. After nearly 100 different logo options, in 2 simples shapes, the new chosen logo is constructed of letters N, G, power bolt, arrow taking energy efficiency to the next level. Orange is for power and innovation. Green is for sustainability and energy efficiency. Gray is for experience and technology.

Orthopedic Urgent Care

NEW LAUNCH – #TranCreative is excited to announce that a group of Orthopedic Surgeons has teamed up to form the most dynamic orthopedic group in the region: Dr. Roger Dunteman, Dr. William Sims, Dr. Doug McInnis, Dr. Jon King, Dr. Scott Brown, Dr. Greg Keese and Dr. Lucas Anderson. With this merger of 7 orthopedic specialists (all fellowship trained), the new OSSM will serve as a one-stop and go-to place for all things orthopedic.

OSSM Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine is also launching the first and only Orthopedic Urgent Care in northern Idaho. #TranCreative was hired for branding services. The new logo is constructed of a friendly medical cross with rounded corner, pieces of bones aligning precisely to form the human element with movement and landscape terrain of the Pacific Northwest.

7 Wonders Beauty & Spa Center

NEW LAUNCH – 7 Wonders, the 1st & only AVEDA full service salon, store & spa in Spokane Valley, is opening this Holiday season. 7 Wonders hired #TranCreative to provide full branding services. INTRODUCING: 7wondersbeauty.com. NOW HIRING. Please SHARE if you know anyone looking for work.

CONGRATULATIONS – About 6 months ago, Ann, an investor in Spokane, had an idea of purchasing a building and opening the first and only full service AVEDA spa, salon and wellness center in Spokane Valley. Ann found Tran Creative and we met up to brainstorm. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Daniel Hagerty, an ER surgeon in Spokane, had an idea of opening a body sculpting practice. Dr. Hagerty found#TranCreative and we met to go over strategies. A few months later, here we are at the Grand Opening for 7 Wonders Beauty AVEDA and Premier Sculpting. My good friend, fellow 2018 IRONMAN Canada participant and President of Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce, Katherine Morgan and her chamber team hosted the Ribbon ceremony. It’s a rewarding process to see visions come to life, dreams become reality right here in our community. I am grateful to be a part of it. Cheers to much success and making history… to our wonderful clients.

– Ben Tran 

Sandhill Center

NEW LAUNCH – Sandhill Center, a clinically therapeutic institution serving children experiencing difficulties functioning in their home, school, community in New Mexico has hired Tran Creative to rebrand the organization. The new logo captures the iconic Sandhill crane in the form of letter S to reinforce the name. The yin-yang symmetry communicates getting clients back to balance in life. Thank you for checking out the new website: sandhillcenter.org

Overbay Farms

NEW LOGO – Overbay Farms, family owned in Sandpoint, ID, is continuing a long family history of farming and ranching. All animals are humanely raised with non GMO, without hormones or antibiotics. Overbay hired Tran Creative to design their logo.

The new logo captures farm land, nature, their iconic Piggy, in the shape of Letter “O”.

Fluid Applied Roofing

NEW LAUNCH – Fluid Applied Roofing, LLC in Airway Heights, WA specializes in industrial & commercial roofing using silicone and elastomeric systems on old roofs and renew into seamless, low maintenance monolithic system with long lasting performance. Found in 1990, Fluid, a division of Paintcrafters Plus, hired Tran Creative to rebrand the company as they are growing and expanding to serve the Northwest. See the new website at: fluidappliedroofing.net

Research shows that most “FLUID” logo have the splash or liquid drop. After over 100 logo concepts, the new & chosen logo captures 3D perspective spray lines, with exactness, precision to form a letter F.

Del Rio Academy

NEW LOGO – Del Rio Academy, a child development campus in New Mexico has hired Tran Creative to rebrand the organization. The new logo is constructed of letters D, R and River (Rio). The flavorful, earthy color palette communicates that the road to learning and education can be fun, enjoyable and is inspired by New Mexico colors with the river in fresh turquoise.

The new logo will be implemented onto all new corporate marketing materials including a brand new website set to launch this Fall.