Princess Pedalfest

#TranCreative is teaming up with Princess Pedalfest for the 3rd year for an epic women’s bike ride, with 4 distances to choose from. Join over 500 cyclists to fundraise and give back to our local community. We are happy to support this great cause.


Tran Creative is excited to team up with Princess Pedalfest to bring you an epic and scenic bike ride on August 6, 2016. Proceeds to support Josie’s Warriors and help raise awareness about Cystic Fibrosis.



CDA Crossing

#TranCreative is excited to team up with CDA Crossing for a 5th consecutive year for an epic 1.2/2.4 mile swim across Lake CDA. About $20,000 raised for local nonprofits each year thanks to our sponsors, athletes and community support. REGISTER:

Event #2 of CDA IRON Series


How often do you get a chance to SWIM 2.4 MILES ACROSS LAKE CDA with hundreds of others and full support, all for a GREAT CAUSE?  Visit the new site:




Yochum Landscaping

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH – NEW WEBSITE – we’re happy to launch a new website for Yochum Landscaping. Check out their impressive work:

Tandy Therapy

CONGRATS to Tandy Therapy on your new logo designed by #TranCreative. Tandy specializes in speech-language, feeding disorders, early childhood development, parent coaching home programs… The chosen logo captures: T, spark of ignition & reaction to wellness and recovery. The new logo has flexibility to allow Tandy to grow into a full service therapy center.

North Idaho Surgical Assistants

CONGRATULATIONS to North Idaho Surgical Assistants on your New Logo. NISA provides surgical assistance for surgeons across North Idaho. They hired #TranCreative to provide branding services. After research and many logo options, the new chosen logo captures: nerves, incisions through a round surgical scope. Together, the 3 shapes form letter N & I for North Idaho. Colors: skin, soothing.

Coeur d’Fondo


Tran Creative is excited to team up with Coeur d’Fondo for the 6th consecutive year since its inception for one of the most scenic bike rides in the country around Lake CDA with over 1,000 cyclists lining up on Sherman Ave.

Coeur d’Fondo is a Bike Ride Around Lake Coeur d’Alene that features 4 Options: Gran (108 Miles), Medio (84 Miles), Piccolo (35 Miles), and Family (15 Miles). Piccolo participants will finish in Harrison and enjoy a cruise aboard the Mish-an-Nock back to the Oktoberfest celebration in downtown Coeur d’Alene.

After many logo variations, the final logo carries initials CDF. Fondo has the most name equity so we emphasize it most. Letters C & D help form an oval around the F. This suggests the Ride Around the Lake concept. And thus, Coeur d’Fondo Brand Identity is introduced.

To learn more about the race, visit:



Veritas Partners

CONGRATULATIONS to Veritas Partners, a residential & commercial real estate firm in Coeur d’Alene, on your new Brand Identity designed by #TranCreative. After research and choosing between nearly 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures land parcel & project planning from a creative, strategic perspective, view from above. Together, the shapes form letters V, P.

Matt Grogan Personal Training

CONGRATULATIONS – Snap Fitness International Personal Trainer of the Year, Matt Grogan, gets a new brand identity designed by #TranCreative. The new logo captures “the Power” in your hand, the classic & deeply rooted kettlebell. Together they form letter M & G. The success of each person’s journey to healthy living, fitness, competition lies within themselves. How badly do you want it?

Matt Grogan Personal Training

Premier Sculpting

CONGRATULATIONS to Premier Sculpting, body sculpting in high definition. PS is opening its first location in Spokane Valley, WA. They hired #TranCreative to provide branding services. After research and nearly 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo is constructed of letters P, S, human body shaping. The new logo will be applied on all new marketing pieces including their new website

Coeur d’Alene Marathon


Coeur d’Alene Marathon is one of the premiere marathons in the Inland Northwest. Tran Creative came up with a fresh new look that comunicates: growth, progressiveness, and quality in such a historic annual sporting event.

After much research, hundreds of logo variations, the chosen final logo conveys speed, movement, and simple enough to recognize and withstand the test of time for years to come. Our designers crafted letter “C” in a form of a runner. One important aspects of the race is the magnificient landscape of Lake Coeur d’Alene. We captured this with the bottom of the “C” that represents the water of Lake CdA. The Orange top of the “C” signifies the Mountain of CdA. Together we captured both the “Athlete & Performance” aspect along with “Scenic” aspect.

To learn more about the race, visit:



CDA_Marathon_Poster_campaign_graphic_design_2015_tran_creative cda_marathon_medal_2016CDA_Marathon_Poster_2015_tran_creative_graphic_design_idaho_spokane2015_cda_marathon_medal