Lakewood Physical Therapy


Lakewood Physical Therapy has grown and evolved into a special + well-known clinic in North Idaho. They asked Tran Creative to freshen up their visual identity to communicate the advancement.

The Ideas: “L” in blue for Lakewood. The brown shape represents “the patients” and is also a reflection of “L”. Together, they go side by side and create a symmetrical icon to communicate “At Lakewood Physical Therapy, we walk with you every step of the way. We are the solution for Pain, Injury, and Healing.” Because the clinic is located in the Lake City of Coeur d’Alene, we chose Blue to represent the lake and Brown for the wood.





Tri = Three. Three shapes come together to form letter “T” for “TRIFORMANCE”. The 2 symmetrical red shapes represent the client & TRIFORMANCE working together equally. The orange arrowhead shape symbolizes when clients & TRIFORMANCE work together, they move upward into success. The orange shape also symbolizes a mountain. The road of challenges lies ahead on the horizon, whether in training, racing, or dealing with injury. But, with TRIFORMANCE, we are here every step of the way to walk with you side by side until you reach the top.

Orange = Energy. Red = Passion. We chose these two core colors so that when TRIFORMANCE athletes wear their race kits, gears, and apparels, they would likely stand out from the crowd and be different than their competitors at local races, events, and in the TRI community.

Derek Garcia Multisports





The ideas:

Letters “D” & “G” for Derek Garcia. The two letters merge together to form a symmetrical icon. This represents the process of working together in harmony & balance. When you work with Derek Garcia Multisports, you will work with a partner who will contribute equally and with balance to your overall success, whether in sponsorship or coaching.



Peace Within

PeaceWithin_logo_design_visual_identity_tran_creativePeace_Within_stationery_design_tran_creative_visual_identity Peace_Within_cards_graphic_design_tran_creative