Kootenai Electric Cooperative


Kootenai Electric Cooperative (KEC) is the largest electric cooperative in Idaho with 75 employees. KEC has more than 22,000 member accounts and nearly 2,000 miles of electric line in parts of Kootenai, Benewah, Bonner and Spokane counties.

It has been a year since we first came in contact with Kootenai Electric Cooperative. After an interview with KEC staff, Tran Creative was hired as the creative agency to work with KEC. Since then, we have produced Annual Report, Trade Show Display, E-mail Templates, Interior Lobby Design, and Program Logos. The team at KEC is friendly, energetic, innovative, and fun to work with. We thoroughly enjoy this ongoing partnership.

To learn more about Kootenai Electric Cooperative, please go to:


Kootenai_Electric_75th_year_installation_timeline_tran_creative_graphic_design Kootenai_Electric_75th_year_installation_tran_creative_graphic_design Kootenai_Electric_75th_year_tran_creative_graphic_designKootenai_Electric_2011_annual_report_design_tran_creative_graphic_designKootenai_Electric_2010_annual_report_design_tran_creative_graphic_designKootenai_Electric_smart_choice_logos_tran_creative_graphic_designKootenai_Electric_members_choice_program_logos_tran_creative_graphic_design

Charles Regalado, DDS


Charles Regalado, DDS of Spokane Washington has spent more than 20 years researching and developing the best methods for transforming your smile into something beautiful. Through advanced aesthetics and restorative dentistry, Dr. Regalado provides his patients with the smile they have always wanted.

Research shows that most dentistry logos often convey images of the tooth or tooth brush. We wanted to move away from these overused icons and create a more personalized approach that would illustrate Dr. Regalado’s main objective of providing a beautiful, natural smile.


After many logo variations, a new visual identity was born for Charles Regalado, DDS. The chosen logo has a representation of a smile (letter C) and a person lounging in comfort (letter R). Purple conveys the luxurious service patients receive. Refreshing and cleansing Teal is for the way your mouth will feel after a visit with Charles Regalado, DDS.



Annie Warner Pro Athlete



Annie Warner is a professional triathlete and swim coach with an impressive racing record, including multiple 1st place finishes. Annie tasked Tran Creative with developing a visual identity that would allow her to extend her brand into a wider stage.


After many logo variations, we narrowed down to 3 logos and asked the audience to help Annie select one. The chosen final logo carries initials A & W. The design stylization of letter “A” conveys movement (arm, leg). Letter “W” signifies water, an attribute to Annie’s background in collegiate swimming. Green and Blue represent the Pacific NW colors. Green is also for easy going, and friendly personality. Blue is for freshness and water.

With this fresh new look, Annie Warner is now armed with a solid visual representation to be recognized on an international level as an elite athlete.

Vann Companies



Vann Companies is a national, government-contracted Engineering & Contracting firm with headquarters in Minneapolis. They are growing and evolving as a company and hired Tran Creative to provide branding services.


After several months and hundreds of logo variations, the chosen logo was launched in the spring of 2013 along with other print collaterals, new web site, and much more. The new logo is executed with simplicity and boldness. It has 2 shapes converging and forming letter V. The 2 shapes represent the 2 main areas of services in engineering and contracting. The rounded corners signify friendliness and approachability. Blue stands for experience and stability. Green conveys environmental friendliness and fresh ideas.



EXcel Vitamin Packaging Design

EXcel_labels_orange_pink_package_design_label_graphic_design_tran_creative EXcel_labels_purple_yellow_package_design_label_graphic_design_tran_creative



Henneberg & Kim OBGYN is expanding (no pun intended). We’d like to introduce COEUR OBGYN – a new name that encompasses a growing team of 6, soon to be 7 providers with exceptional nurses and staff. The name “COEUR” was chosen because it means “heart” – a reflection of love and heart that the COEUR team have for this specialty and all of their wonderful patients.

The logo represents a woman embracing her anatomy and a mother holding her child in her womb.

View the web site. www.CoeurOBGYN.com


See Beautiful by Hayden Vision Source


Tran Creative was hired to create a fresh marketing campaign for Hayden Vision Source, a group of eye physicians in Hayden, Idaho.

We came up with “SEE BEAUTIFUL” and incorporated Hayden Vision Source existing logo into the designs. This campaign was launched throughout social media, web, and local events.

What does it mean to SEE BEAUTIFUL? It is the ability to have clear vision to enjoy every aspect of life: “watching my daughter perform her 1st piano concert”, “painting a portrait of my wife for our 50th wedding anniversary”, …

To learn more about how you could SEE BEAUTIFUL, please visit: www.facebook.com/HaydenVisionSource


Valley OBGYN


Tran Creative was hired to provide Branding services for Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology, a women’s clinic in Spokane Valley, WA.


After lots of research in obstetrics and gynecology identities, we found that there was a distinct pattern in the logos: lots of female bodies, flowers, leaves and butterflies. We wanted to create a unique look, communicate the field of OBGYN, without being obvious or specific.


The chosen logo consists of two shapes coming together to form a feminine V. The mark resembles the bulge of a belly, uterus, curves of a woman’s body, and/or the female reproductive organs. We chose purple for a feminine feel, and green for health and safety.

The new logo is used on all corporate collateral and advertising materials.


ValOBGYN_rackcards_back_graphic_design_tran_creative_spokane_washington ValOBGYN_rackcards_front_graphic_design_tran_creative_spokane_washington ValOBGYN_trifold_tran_creative_graphic_design

Fortus Realty


Fortus Realty is a brokerage firm in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Guided by Denise Lundy, Fortus is firmly rooted in the area as a reputable firm that was founded on a solid reputation of honesty and integrity.

Tran Creative was hired to provide branding & web design services. Please visit the web site:



Shared Harvest


Shared Harvest is the 1st local community garden in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Tran Creative donated our design service for the logo. To learn more about this amazing community project, visit: facebook.com/SharedHarvest