Verde River Dental


Verde River Dental just opened up a new clinic in Cottonwood, Arizona. They hired Tran Creative to provide branding services and develop a new web site.

Research showed that there were many dental logos with obvious teeth, toothbrushes, smiles, trees and leaves. We wanted to go away from that and give Verde River Dental its own unique representation that captured the essential essence of the name and industry.

After many logo variations and designs, the chosen logo captures letter “V” for Verde. Through research, we’ve discovered that Verde has the most equity in the name. The new logo also has a representation of gum line, root and river flowing. All these important elements were captured in 2 simple shapes – easy to remember.

Verde is a Spanish word that means Green. Color Green is for Verde and minty fresh. Blue conveys river, water, and dental cleansing.

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Twin Towers Commemorative 5K


Tran Creative was tasked with creating a new Logo for this great charity 5K event. Run in Memory. Live with Honor. This event’s mission is to bring awareness, thanks, and help to FIREFIGHTERS, VETERANS and other first responders. Honoring the memory of the fallen heroes of 9/11 and celebrating the hero in each of us is at the heart of the Twin Towers Commemorative 5K run/walk. To learn more, visit:



Established nearly 70 years ago, Lutherhaven is the ultimate place to get away from life’s daily pressure, a place for spiritual reflection, personal growth, and discovery. Located right on magnificent Lake Coeur d’Alene, Lutherhaven offers camps for youth, family, community/corporate retreats and much more. From obstacle courses suspended in mid air to zip lines, Lutherhaven also offers excitement for the entire family as the perfect getaway destination.

Lutherhaven hired Tran Creative to refresh their brand. The new logo preserves and simplifies the equity of Lutherhaven – lakefront, trees, mountain, and a comfortable home away from home. We also stylized letter “L” for Lutherhaven using the mountain & water wave. The chosen colors are appropriate to the surrounding scenery of Lutherhaven. Tran Creative also refreshed all communication materials: brochures, rackcards, stationery, newsletter, case statement, annual report, e-news…

To learn more about Lutherhaven, visit their FB page:


Lutherhaven_camp_for_life_brochure_tran_creative lutherhaven_rackcards_tran_creativeLutherhaven_Annual_Report_tran_creative

WITH Performance


WITH Performance is a state of the art wellness and fitness facility in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (in Riverstone). The facility is equipped with high tech equipments and technology never before seen in the area. WITH (Wellness Incentive To Health) will provide a proven system that focuses on 4 key areas: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. Thousands of elite athletes, Fortune 500 companies, and every day folks have used WITH’s system to improve health, fitness and performance. WITH Performance hired Tran Creative to provide them with full branding: Logo, Stationery, Web Site, Marketing, and all Communication Materials.

The new logo for WITH carries the letter “W” in the form of a person with forward movement and burst of speed. The new WITH logo conveys speed, performance, wellness, and activeness. The rounded corners of the mark help soften up and make the logo friendly, yet still maintains the aggressive and progressive edge.

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Jaeger Orthodontics


Research showed that most dental/orthodontics logos often carried symbols of teeth, toothbrushes, braces, etc. We wanted to break away from the expected and create a visual identity that would capture the personalities of Jaeger Orthodontics.

Jaeger Orthodontics has nearly 3 decades of experience in providing orthodontic treatments. They are well-known in the community, and have served generations of patients. Dr. Jaeger is also well-liked by the staff. Some of the team members have been with him for over 2 decades.

After a series of logo variations, the chosen final logo communicates the many aspects of Jaeger Orthodontics: Letters J for Jaeger, generations of patients, well-liked by staff and community, and has a joyful feel that radiates throughout the Jaeger office.




With the launch of Braces2School, a state of the art mobile orthodontics clinic, Jaeger Orthodontics has hired Tran Creative to design a fresh new logo and web site to reflect both entities.

The new Braces2School logo is an extension of Jaeger Orthodontics logo. The four “J” curl into circles (wheels of the bus). The circles are also stylized into people elements (students, teachers, parents, community). The brown circle remains in the center as a tribute to Jaeger Orthodontics, the root of the brand. The vibrant colors convey: community, friendly & upbeat staff and generations of patients. Together, they roll forward from schools to schools, continuing its history of pioneering service to the community for the past 20+ years as the leader in orthodontics.

Tran Creative will also be implementing the new logo across all communication pieces: stationery, rack card, brochure, signage, a brand new web site, and a state of the art mobile orthodontic office RV.

We’d like to introduce the new site:



Pleasant View Surgery Center


Tran Creative was hired to design a new Logo for Pleasant View Surgery Center located in Post Falls, Idaho. Research showed that there were many Pleasant View logos out there. Many of them used leaves, mountains and trees as design elements. We wanted to provide Pleasant View Surgery Center with a unique mark that didn’t blend in with the crowd.

The new logo represents a network of physicians working together. It also conveys nonspecific contour human anatomy. The stylization and colors reflect finesse, intricacy, gentleness and comfort.

The new logo is applied on all communication materials for Pleasant View Surgery Center.

Dave Erickson Media


Tran Creative was tasked with developing a new visual identity and web site for Dave Erickson Media. The new logo we created for Dave was recently published in Logo Lounge 7: International Identities by Leading Designers. You could check out the book next time you’re at Barnes & Noble.

Dave is a man of many talents: Brand Ambassador Athlete, News Anchor, Videographer, Reporter, Triathlete, and much more… Visit Dave’s website:



American Floors and Blinds


Founded in 1962, AFB is the flooring & window-covering supplier with deep expertise and the largest sales support staff in the industry. AFB has 3 locations in Washington.

AFB hired Tran Creative to develop a new & comprehensive web site. After working with the AFB marketing team since last summer, Tran Creative is please to introduce the new site for AFB, equipped with a robust CMS (Content Management System) that allows AFB staff to update site with ease.

Cycle Central


Cycle Central is a bike shop in Wenatchee, WA. They hired Tran Creative to develop a new brand identity & web site. After many logo variations, we’d like to introduce the new visual identity for Cycle Central. The new logo consists of 4 shapes forming letter “C” in the negative space. We did not want to incorporate any bike specific elements: handle bar, chain, frame, etc. to provide future flexibility for Cycle Central to carry more products than just bikes. However, we stylized the shapes to have elements of cycling: aerodynamic, speed, and movement. Color Orange represents passion for exceptional customer service, energy and love for the sports. Gray stands for progressiveness and stability.

The new logo is applied on variety of applications: race kits, cycle jerseys, sales tags, apparels, signage, and much more.

See the new website:



1 Tri Coaching



1TRI Coaching hired Tran Creative to provide them with a new logo. We also helped with the naming. 1TRI has many meanings: one on one coaching, one vs. oneself (overcoming self-doubt), becoming #1 (the best you could possible be). Research shows that there are many triathlon related logos with 3 swim bike run figures. We want to give 1TRI a unique look that would make them unique, creative, and stand apart from the norm.


After many logo variations, designers at Tran Creative crafted 3 simple shapes to form #1. The stylization conveys: speed, movement, athlete body in motion, mountain peak of the Coeur d’Alene region, and the challenging yet rewarding road to success.