Movita Health


Movita Health is a synergy between health care and fitness. Together, they combine to provide medically supervised therapeutic lifestyle modification programs. Learn healthy habits to improve vitality and quality of life with Movita Health.

Tran Creative was hired to create a new visual identity. “Movita” means “More Life” and also “Movement of Life”. After much research and many logo variations, the chosen final logo captures the “M”, full of movement with a splash of life. Movita is not corporate and is flexible, with the ability to provide one-on-one services to clients. Tran Creative’s designers crafted the logo mark to resemble human form, moving smoothly with fluidity.

The color Blue represents experience, stability and comfort. Orange conveys passion, energy, and innovation to changing lives and making a difference in society.


Emily Dishman


Emily Dishman, Realtor, has recently joined our friends at Fortus Realty, Inc. Emily is an amazing client and friend to work with through this whole process. Tran Creative was hired to provide Emily with a new Logo.

Research showed many real estate logos often carried obvious symbols: house, key, tree, mountain, fence, etc. We wanted to give Emily her own visual identity without associating with the obvious, but still captured all the essence of Emily Dishman.

After many logo variations and through organizing and planning shapes carefully and strategically, the chosen logo captures the “E” and “d”. The inspiration came from looking at floor plans and plat maps.

Emily Dishman is more than just selling/buying real estate. She is about planning for the future, service in community, helping people in full circle. The multi-color palette helps capture these points.

To learn more about Emily Dishman, visit:

Hayden Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber office is a business resource and visitor information center located in the heart of the city of Hayden. They hired Tran Creative to provide a new Visual Identity. During the brand visual audit and research, we’ve found many local logos with obvious mountains, trees, leaves, and water, including the old Hayden Chamber logo. We wanted the new logo to captures these elements of Hayden, but not so obvious. After about 100 logo variations, a new logo has been chosen by the Board of Directors.

The new Hayden Chamber of Commerce logo captures the “Gateway to Recreation”. It conveys nature, outdoors, mountain peaks, water, splash of life, and recreation. Tran Creative’s designers also stylized the mark into a letter “h” using the yellow and green shapes. People in Hayden work hard and have fun after work: outdoors, trails, boating, lake, fishing, etc. The 4 color palette is symbolic of community. Blue is for majestic lake of Hayden. Yellow is for fun activities and recreation. Green captures the nature aspect and fresh ideas. Orange means innovation and passion for making this community one of the best towns to live, work, and play.

IDFY | Idaho Drug Free Youth


IDAHO DRUG FREE YOUTH or iDFY (pronounced “i defy”) is Idaho’s statewide drug and alcohol prevention program for Idaho teens. Since 1991, iDFY has been a community based drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention program that educates and supports Idaho students. iDFY’s mission is empower youth to lead happy and healthy lives. The organization is growing and evolving. Tran Creative designed their fresh new look.


After looking at many logo variations, iDFY and our team have chosen a new symbol that represented iDFY in a complete spectrum going forward to the future. The new logo consists of four letters “i”. Each “i” is unique and different in its own way. Yet, together, they all shoot forward and upward. The four “i” with different colors communicate differences, uniqueness, individuality, teamwork, acceptance, community, and inspiration to achieve success. It does not matter who you are or where you come from, when you belong to iDFY, you become part of a family network. Together, we will move forward and upward into success. The overall rectangular shape is symbolic of being organized and having a structured foundation for progress and positive achievement. The typography is clean, modern, yet timeless.

The design execution is to be easily identifiable and produced on corporate collateral, web site, and other promotional products. See the new website:



Frumpy Coffee


It’s a whole new way to do coffee. Introducing Frumpy Coffee – do it your way. Tran Creative was hired to provide branding services for this new brand/concept of coffee. As a new concept for a coffee brand set to unveil soon, our team was tasked with creating a whole new meaning for FRUMPY.

During research, we’ve found many coffee logos with the obvious cups, mugs, coffee beans, etc. We wanted to give Frumpy its own identity without relying on these obvious elements.

The new Frumpy Coffee logo features an “F”, full of life and energy. Frumpy is about Being Oneself. It’s a new way to express through coffee by blending it yourself. It’s about embracing the “Splash of Life”. The new Frumpy Coffee brand is set to launch soon. It will feature an online store, apparels, and unique packaging. Visit Frumpy Coffee’s Facebook page for updates on the launch:



Action Orthopedic and Sports Medicine


ACTION Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is opening up a brand new practice in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They hired Tran Creative to create a brand identity system, including print collateral pieces and a web site.

During research, we’ve found many orthopedic logos with the “orthopedic tree” and obvious human bodies. After many logo explorations, the chosen logo captures the “A” in motion. Because ACTION dealt with many specialties, we wanted flexibility to encompass variety of procedures. Tran Creative’s designers stylized 2 simple shapes that convey non specific body parts: elbow, arm, leg, knee, leg, bone, joint, etc. with an arrow in blue moving forward.

Color blue represents trust. Orange is symbolic of innovation and passion for continuation of service excellence.

See the website:


Action_Orthopedic_and_Sports_Medicine_website_Design_Tran_Creative Action_Orthopedic_Rackcard_brochure_design_tran_creative

Shannon Bukowski


Shannon is an associate broker who recently joined Fortus Realty, Inc., one of our long time clients. Tran Creative was hired to provide Shannon with a new visual identity.

After many logo explorations, the chosen and new logo captures the “S” for Shannon and the pathway to finding your dream home (whether through selling or buying). Color gem blue conveys trust, experience, and friendliness. Color burgundy expresses sophistication and classiness.

To learn more about Shannon, visit:

Kootenai Health


With nearly 3,000 employees and continuous growth, Kootenai Health is one of the largest organizations in the Pacific Northwest region. Tran Creative was hired to rebrand the company. After about 1 year of comprehensive planning, research, focus groups, and hundreds of logo design explorations and revisions… together with Kootenai Health, we would like to introduce to you the fresh new look for Kootenai Health.

To update a brand like Kootenai Health’s requires comprehensive work and respect for the equity of the brand. We wanted to value Kootenai’s history (since 1960’s) but also visually represent who they are today. Visual audits of other health care organizations’ logos showed similar themes and colors. We wanted to develop a logo that represented Kootenai Health as: friendly, compassionate, reaching out and growing.

The new logo, “the Spark”, features the “K” and captures the spirit of service, health and compassionate care. It reaches up to set high standards and reaches down to lift and provide compassionate care. The new logo also conveys teamwork – weaving together. The balance symmetry of the logo conveys stability, experience, consistency, and growth for the future.

The Kootenai Blue is kept to preserve history. The fresh new Green provides hope and healing.

Kootenai Health’s vision is to be a comprehensive regional medical center by 2020. Visually, this new mark will take them there.

To learn more, visit:




For about 1 year, Tran Creative worked with Kootenai Health communications and leadership team on research, focus groups, interviews. Only after we’ve gathered these important data, we’ve moved forward on the design process. We’ve explored hundreds of logo concepts in many different directions. Once the “Spark” direction was chosen, the Kootenai Health mark began to take shape.


tran_creative_Kootenai_Health_logo tran_creative_Kootenai_Health



Tran Creative was hired to rebrand Kootenai Health. We got to work with this amazing marketing & communications team, went through an extensive process of about one year from start to launch of the new brand: research, focus groups, interviews, concept, design, presentations… Last week, at the Grand Opening of the $57 million expansion, we had a chance to catch up, a reunion to reflect and marvel… A good friend at this event reminded us, “Years from now, we tell our kids and their kids that we got to work on this legacy project.” Wow!


Verde River Dental


Verde River Dental just opened up a new clinic in Cottonwood, Arizona. They hired Tran Creative to provide branding services and develop a new web site.

Research showed that there were many dental logos with obvious teeth, toothbrushes, smiles, trees and leaves. We wanted to go away from that and give Verde River Dental its own unique representation that captured the essential essence of the name and industry.

After many logo variations and designs, the chosen logo captures letter “V” for Verde. Through research, we’ve discovered that Verde has the most equity in the name. The new logo also has a representation of gum line, root and river flowing. All these important elements were captured in 2 simple shapes – easy to remember.

Verde is a Spanish word that means Green. Color Green is for Verde and minty fresh. Blue conveys river, water, and dental cleansing.

See the website:



Twin Towers Commemorative 5K


Tran Creative was tasked with creating a new Logo for this great charity 5K event. Run in Memory. Live with Honor. This event’s mission is to bring awareness, thanks, and help to FIREFIGHTERS, VETERANS and other first responders. Honoring the memory of the fallen heroes of 9/11 and celebrating the hero in each of us is at the heart of the Twin Towers Commemorative 5K run/walk. To learn more, visit: