Shedit hired Tran Creative to provide branding services. Research showed there were many generic looking shed logos. In creating a brand, we wanted the shed to be more conceptual and not so obvious and generic.

After many logo explorations, the chosen logo has 3 shapes lining up perfectly to form an “S” in a shed-like shape. It has depth through arrangement of negative space. Typography is customized to match the mark with slanted edges. Colors blue and gray convey stability, strength, durability and trust.

See the new site:

McEuen Park


In 2010, Tran Creative was hired to work with Team McEuen, Steering Committee and City of Coeur d’Alene for over a year on McEuen Park Renovation. Park upgrades feature a natural amphitheater, a new covered pavilion for group picnics and events, a donor wall, a grand plaza and waterfront promenade, scenic paved trails, new public art, a re-designed Veteran’s Memorial, an amazing interactive playground for kids of all ages, a new dog park, more user-friendly and efficient public parking, a new Front Avenue promenade with community gathering areas and an interactive splash pad with more than a dozen colorful water features.

The Ideas behind the Logo:

People + Letter “M” for McEuen. The CIRCLE in the middle represents the LAND where this project will be built upon. The color BROWN represents the color of the SOIL. The MULTI-COLOR palette represents the different parts of the COMMUNITY coming together to assist with this project. Each letter is individually customized to give McEuen its own distinctive personality.

On May 2, 2014, the community joined in for a soft Grand Opening. We know we are privileged to be a part of a special legacy project when we see our own children laughing, smiling, running around and playing at the park.



H&H Express


For nearly 20 years, H&H Express has been providing Freight Services for companies around the Pacific Northwest and across the United States. Headquartered in Rathdrum, Idaho, H&H Express is growing steadily. They asked Tran Creative to develop a new web site that will help tell their story and vision for the future.

Tran Creative crafted a brand strategy direction, design, code and launched the new site:

Heart Song Massage Therapy


Heart Song Massage Therapy is located in Hayden, Idaho. They provide therapeutic massage that integrates deep tissue work and offer hot & cold stone massage.

They asked Tran Creative to create a new visual identity. After research and many logo explorations, the chosen final logo captures the “H” and “S” working together in harmony and cohesion. The “Song” concept was also emphasized with 2 music notes, but minimal to avoid leaning toward the “music” industry. HeartSong means doing what you love and enjoy most while humming along to life’s favorite song, from the heart.

Color brick red represents love and passion from the Heart. Sage green is for new start, life and better health.

Washington Association of Nurse Anesthetists


WANA includes over 600 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and student members in Washington State. They hired Tran Creative to provide Branding services: Logo, Print Collateral and a new Web Site.

After extensive research, brand visual audits & analysis and many logo design variations, the new chosen logo captures the word WANA, mountain peaks and landscape of Washington without being too “scenic” like a travel/tourism logo. The new logo also communicates Unity and working together as a network. Tube-like and line execution transpired from equipments and instruments used by CRNAs: tubes, lines and syringes. The 4 colors conveys: community and diversity of WANA members from Seattle to Spokane, WA.

To learn more about WANA, visit:



Pacific Coast Triathlon


Pacific Coast Triathlon is part of the premiere OC Tri Series, with breathtaking ocean view. Taking place at Crystal Cove in Orange County, athletes and spectators will enjoy the finish overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Race organizers hired Tran Creative to design a new logo for the event.

During research phase, we’ve found many triathlon logos with Swim Bike Run icons. We wanted to give this race its own unique visual identity. After over 100 logo variations, the chosen logo captures the “P” & “C”, nature elements and ocean waves of Southern California. It also captures the Athlete, Movement and Performance aspect of triathlon.

Blue is for the ocean of Pacific Coast. Orange is for energy and fun under the sun. Green accentuates the beautiful landscape of Southern California.

Visit to learn more.

Candela Construction


Candela Construction specializes in Healthcare interior construction and maintenance. The company has been growing steadily since 1997. Candela Construction hired Tran Creative to provide branding services as they’re planning on expanding the company.

After much research and over 100 logo variations, the chosen new logo consists of 4 shapes aligning together to form shape of a “C”. The new mark resembles equipments and materials needed to swiftly complete quality projects, whether it be tools, panels, rails or accessories.

The chosen colors capture the spirit of quality construction. Blue represents stability, experience and hard working culture. Orange is for innovation and passion for new ideas.

The design execution is to be easily identifiable and produced on all corporate collateral, web site, and other promotional products.

See the new site:



Hart Capital Management


Established in 1998, Hart Capital Management is one of the most respected privately owned wealth and asset management firms in the Pacific Northwest. After an extensive and comprehensive interview process, they hired Tran Creative to provide brand strategy, develop corporate collaterals and create desktop & mobile site.

After working closely with Hart Capital for the past year, we’ve developed a great relationship with Hart’s team. We’d feel confident and trust Hart enough to let them manage our retirement. Yes, even at a minimum of $250,000.

See the new site and watch the video produced by our friends at Corner Booth Media:

RAP | Relatives as Parents


Relatives As Parents exists to strengthen the safety net of resources and support for local children being raised by a relative. They hired Tran Creative to provide branding services.

After many logo variations and much research, the final chosen logo captures the “r” & “p” with a link connecting the two together. The link conveys that RAP can help people connect and navigate through helpful resources and services: legal, emergency assistance, child services, disabilities, child care, support groups, and more…

Color Green represents growth and fostering of new relationships. Blue conveys stability and peace of mind. Yellow provides hope and bright future.

The new logo is applied on all corporate communication materials.

Learn more at:



Race CDA


Race CDA will be promoting Endurance Races in and around Coeur d’Alene ranging from 5K Fun Runs, Marathons, to Triathlons, and more. Race CDA has the support from CdA Chamber, CdA Convention & Visitors Bureau, with the vision to put Coeur d’Alene on the map as the destination town to visit and participate in endurance events.

Tran Creative was hired to provide branding services, including the design of a new logo. After much research and many logo variations, the final chosen logo captures the “C” for Coeur d’Alene. The “Racing C” is crafted to resemble the “Wave” – water & lake elements of town.

Colors Blue & Green capture the spirit of the Pacific Northwest: water & greenery.

See the new site: