Ironwood Vision Center

NEW LOGO – Ironwood Vision Center, office of Dr. Daniel Garn and staff, has hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a new logo. During research, we found many eye clinic logos with the “football” shape of the eye. We researched and studied the eye shape & form carefully. The complexity of the eye was simplified into 2 shapes. After about 100 logo ideas, the chosen logo was crafted as a symbol that represented the Anatomy of the Eye: Vitreous body in blue and Cornea in green. Letter ‘i” for “ironwood” is in the white negative space.

The lowercase “ironwood” communicates friendliness, approachability and down to earth. “VISION CENTER” in cap reflects professionalism. Colors blue, green and brown are for eye colors, fresh and clear.

The new logo will be applied onto all new marketing materials and a new & responsive web site. Thank you for checking it out:

Medical Practice Management Services


Tran Creative was hired to give Medical Practice Management Services a brand refresh. After many logo variations, the new logo has been chosen. It is crafted with 4 folded corner papers. It represents file management and organization. Together, they form a medical cross. Blue is for experience and stability. Green is for fresh thinking and problem solving. The new logo is implemented onto all marketing & communication materials, including a new web site:


Logo designed by Tran Creative for Medical Practice Management Services has been given an award and published in Logo Lounge 9: International Identities by Leading Designer. Check it out next time you visit Barnes & Noble or any major bookstore. Congrats, team!



NEW LOGO – Oregon Association of Nurse Anesthetists, established in 1935 with nearly 400 members, has hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a new logo. After extensive research and over 100 logo concepts, the ORANA Board has chosen the new logo. Letter O for Oregon, network, connection, unity, air/liquid drop flow through tube lines, cells, nature elements of Oregon: greenery, lake without being obvious.

The new logo will be applied onto all new marketing collaterals including a new & responsive web site with a custom members only portal. Thank you for checking it out:

NorthRidge Contracting

NorthRidge Contracting has hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a new logo. The new chosen logo captures Letter N, arrow pointing North, construction elements: home, frame, structure and mountain ridge without showing the actual mountain. The new logo will be applied on all-new print materials and a brand new & responsive web site. Thank you for checking it out:

Coeur d’Alene Marathon Web Site

NEW SITE LAUNCH – Tran Creative is happy to launch a new & responsive web site for Coeur d’Alene Marathon. 2015 & 2016 Posters we designed for CDA Marathon won back to back American Advertising Awards. With attendance at record high in 2015, we’re excited for May 29, 2016. Who’s excited to RUN?


HMS Healthcare Monitoring Systems


NEW LOGO – Tunstall America, headquarters in New York, has hired Tran Creative to provide branding services for one of their companies. HMS | Healthcare Monitoring Services specializes in personal emergency response systems and home medical equipments. After an extensive process in visual audits, over a hundred logo concepts, brand positioning… the final chosen logo captures 4 alert signals, network, connectivity, data. Together, they form a healthcare cross in the negative space. The symmetrical alignment reinforces stability and experience in healthcare. Red is for alert signals. Blue is for healthcare. The new logo will be applied on all corporate print materials and a new and responsive web site launching soon.

Orban Family Dental



Orban Family Dental is opening a new office in Coeur d’Alene (by Winco). Research shows that many dental logos often have overdone symbols: toothbrush, tree, leaf, teeth, molar… After visual audits and over 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures 3 smiles (family dentistry) coming together to form letter O for Orban. Lowercase “orban” communicates the down-to-earth, friendly personality. All caps FAMILY DENTAL conveys professionalism combined with state-of-the-art equipments. Dental blue and minty fresh green completes the new logo for Orban Family Dental.

Vertical Earth


Vertical Earth, one of the most well-known bike shops in Coeur d’Alene, has hired Tran Creative to rebrand the shop. With much respect for the solid reputation of VE, we set out to create a fresh new look that would not only continue to strengthen the name but also provide VE with an iconic logo mark that can be used on race kits, merchandises, apparels, and different applications.

After over 100 different concepts, focus groups and feedbacks from cyclists and customers, the new chosen logo captures letters V, E, Vertical Edge and Layers of the Earth. We injected new color options to add flavors and flexibility to the brand, to extend beyond its core colors of red and black. 

“Couldn’t resist the shameless self-promotion via our new sprinter van… We’ve been working on the re-branding of our shop for quite some time… Awesome job… to make a design even greater than what we imagined! Cheers guys!” – Mike Gaertner, Vertical Earth Owner


Triathlon Arts


Triathlon Art is for people who love sport arts, especially triathlon. We create varieties of work based on unique art styles. Landon Ruan, BFA in illustration, painted these swim bike run pieces for Ben, Owner and Creative Director of Tran Creative.

Art by Triathlon Arts. Get your posters at:



American Advertising Awards


We had a fun time at the 2016 American Advertising Awards. Thank you for all your support and congratulatory messages.