Cascade Academy

Tran Creative creates the new identity for Cascade Academy, a residential treatment program in Utah helping children experiencing difficulties in their home, school, community. Tiers of waterfall communicates the work being done at Cascade Academy may start with one child but could affect generations to come. The tulip shape conveys hope, healing, growth and new beginnings.

Praus Counseling

Tran Creative creates the new identity for Praus Counseling in North Idaho. The Greek word “Praus” was used to define a horse trained for battle. Research shows many logos with the warhorse. The new logo is consisted of the warhorse customized into a letter P.

North Idaho Inn

Tran Creative creates the new identity for North Idaho Inn in Coeur d’Alene. The new logo captures: letter N & I for North Idaho, golden door for quality treatment & services. More announcements coming soon for this exciting project.

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