Hayden Lake Marathon

NEW DESIGN – #TranCreative is excited to team up with the City of Hayden to kickoff the 2018 Hayden Lake Marathon. We’re happy to be a part of this scenic & iconic race for a 6th consecutive year since its inception. Let’s Run.


Tran Creative created the new visual identity for the Hayden Lake Marathon. With the majestic Hayden Lake serving as the backdrop, this new marathon will take runners all the way around the lake at exactly 26.2 miles. With challenging terrain, this course is certified for Boston Marathon qualification. Other distances will be available to runners: 13.1 and 10K.

The new logo consists of letter “h” in running form. It captures the “Lake” aspect of Hayden with a blue wave moving across and mountain peaks in green. Blue & Green for trees, water, and spectacular scenery.