Stauffer & Associates

Stauffer & Associates CPAs in Liberty Lake, WA hired Tran Creative to provide branding services. The new logo features letters S & A working together to form a shield shape. The shield represents safety and protection in financial and tax planning. Stauffer has the most equity in the name so we put more emphasis on Letter S with the A being smaller. Blue is for trust, experience and stability. Gold is for excellence and quality.

The new logo will be incorporated onto all new marketing materials and a brand new website. Thank you for checking it out:


DiEPCo is the world’s largest independent diamond blank cutting and most high tech EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) shop in the world. With its headquarters in Ohio, DiEPCo manufactures cutting tools and distributes the finest products for machining applications. DiEPCo hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a new logo. After research and about 100 logo concepts, the chosen logo captures letter D, diamond shape, edgy for cutting/tools.

The new logo will be applied onto all new marketing materials and a new & responsive website launching soon.

Ironwood Vision Center

Ironwood Vision Center, office of Dr. Daniel Garn and staff, has hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a new logo. During research, we found many eye clinic logos with the “football” shape of the eye. We researched and studied the eye shape & form carefully. The complexity of the eye was simplified into 2 shapes. After about 100 logo ideas, the chosen logo was crafted as a symbol that represented the Anatomy of the Eye: Vitreous body in blue and Cornea in green. Letter ‘i” for “ironwood” is in the white negative space.

The lowercase “ironwood” communicates friendliness, approachability and down to earth. “VISION CENTER” in cap reflects professionalism. Colors blue, green and brown are for eye colors, fresh and clear.

The new logo will be applied onto all new marketing materials and a new & responsive web site. Thank you for checking it out:

Medical Practice Management Services


Tran Creative was hired to give Medical Practice Management Services a brand refresh. After many logo variations, the new logo has been chosen. It is crafted with 4 folded corner papers. It represents file management and organization. Together, they form a medical cross. Blue is for experience and stability. Green is for fresh thinking and problem solving. The new logo is implemented onto all marketing & communication materials, including a new web site:


Logo designed by Tran Creative for Medical Practice Management Services has been given an award and published in Logo Lounge 9: International Identities by Leading Designer. Check it out next time you visit Barnes & Noble or any major bookstore. Congrats, team!

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