Priest Lake Race


Priest Lake has such a strong nature presence so we decided to focus more on Priest Lake as a distinctive + attractive destination rather than the typical “SWIM.BIKE.RUN” human figures. Research has shown that the area has ties to the Native American tribe Kalispel so an “aged” look was added to bring in a tribal feel. The rugged & dirt texture also resonate to the mountains & trails surrounding the area. “TRIATHLON” is located in a blue box – water. Since PRIEST LAKE organizers will have multiple events annually, this new identity system will give them the flexibility to add as many events as they would like without having to design each logo for each event. “MARATHON” – green. “MOUNTAIN BIKE” – purple, “CROSS COUNTRY SKI” – gold, and so forth…

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Pristine Septic


Pristine Septic provides pumping, inspection, repairs and installation on septic systems. They’re bringing a fresh concept of service to the Pacific Northwest region. Pristine hired Tran Creative to provide branding services: business naming, corporate identity, web site, print collateral.

After much research and nearly 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures the “P”, pipe, arrows that convey circulation of water/liquid, pumping action. Blue and green provide a fresh sense of cleanliness and reflect colors of the Pacific Northwest.

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