McEuen Park


In 2010, Tran Creative was hired to work with Team McEuen, Steering Committee and City of Coeur d’Alene for over a year on McEuen Park Renovation. Park upgrades feature a natural amphitheater, a new covered pavilion for group picnics and events, a donor wall, a grand plaza and waterfront promenade, scenic paved trails, new public art, a re-designed Veteran’s Memorial, an amazing interactive playground for kids of all ages, a new dog park, more user-friendly and efficient public parking, a new Front Avenue promenade with community gathering areas and an interactive splash pad with more than a dozen colorful water features.

The Ideas behind the Logo:

People + Letter “M” for McEuen. The CIRCLE in the middle represents the LAND where this project will be built upon. The color BROWN represents the color of the SOIL. The MULTI-COLOR palette represents the different parts of the COMMUNITY coming together to assist with this project. Each letter is individually customized to give McEuen its own distinctive personality.

On May 2, 2014, the community joined in for a soft Grand Opening. We know we are privileged to be a part of a special legacy project when we see our own children laughing, smiling, running around and playing at the park.



H&H Express


For nearly 20 years, H&H Express has been providing Freight Services for companies around the Pacific Northwest and across the United States. Headquartered in Rathdrum, Idaho, H&H Express is growing steadily. They asked Tran Creative to develop a new web site that will help tell their story and vision for the future.

Tran Creative crafted a brand strategy direction, design, code and launched the new site: