Race CDA


Race CDA will be promoting Endurance Races in and around Coeur d’Alene ranging from 5K Fun Runs, Marathons, to Triathlons, and more. Race CDA has the support from CdA Chamber, CdA Convention & Visitors Bureau, with the vision to put Coeur d’Alene on the map as the destination town to visit and participate in endurance events.

Tran Creative was hired to provide branding services, including the design of a new logo. After much research and many logo variations, the final chosen logo captures the “C” for Coeur d’Alene. The “Racing C” is crafted to resemble the “Wave” – water & lake elements of town.

Colors Blue & Green capture the spirit of the Pacific Northwest: water & greenery.

See the new site: racecda.com



Movita Health


Movita Health is a synergy between health care and fitness. Together, they combine to provide medically supervised therapeutic lifestyle modification programs. Learn healthy habits to improve vitality and quality of life with Movita Health.

Tran Creative was hired to create a new visual identity. “Movita” means “More Life” and also “Movement of Life”. After much research and many logo variations, the chosen final logo captures the “M”, full of movement with a splash of life. Movita is not corporate and is flexible, with the ability to provide one-on-one services to clients. Tran Creative’s designers crafted the logo mark to resemble human form, moving smoothly with fluidity.

The color Blue represents experience, stability and comfort. Orange conveys passion, energy, and innovation to changing lives and making a difference in society.

Visit: www.facebook.com/MovitaHealth

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