Emily Dishman


Emily Dishman, Realtor, has recently joined our friends at Fortus Realty, Inc. Emily is an amazing client and friend to work with through this whole process. Tran Creative was hired to provide Emily with a new Logo.

Research showed many real estate logos often carried obvious symbols: house, key, tree, mountain, fence, etc. We wanted to give Emily her own visual identity without associating with the obvious, but still captured all the essence of Emily Dishman.

After many logo variations and through organizing and planning shapes carefully and strategically, the chosen logo captures the “E” and “d”. The inspiration came from looking at floor plans and plat maps.

Emily Dishman is more than just selling/buying real estate. She is about planning for the future, service in community, helping people in full circle. The multi-color palette helps capture these points.

To learn more about Emily Dishman, visit: www.EmilyDishman.com