Hayden Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber office is a business resource and visitor information center located in the heart of the city of Hayden. They hired Tran Creative to provide a new Visual Identity. During the brand visual audit and research, we’ve found many local logos with obvious mountains, trees, leaves, and water, including the old Hayden Chamber logo. We wanted the new logo to captures these elements of Hayden, but not so obvious. After about 100 logo variations, a new logo has been chosen by the Board of Directors.

The new Hayden Chamber of Commerce logo captures the “Gateway to Recreation”. It conveys nature, outdoors, mountain peaks, water, splash of life, and recreation. Tran Creative’s designers also stylized the mark into a letter “h” using the yellow and green shapes. People in Hayden work hard and have fun after work: outdoors, trails, boating, lake, fishing, etc. The 4 color palette is symbolic of community. Blue is for majestic lake of Hayden. Yellow is for fun activities and recreation. Green captures the nature aspect and fresh ideas. Orange means innovation and passion for making this community one of the best towns to live, work, and play.

IDFY | Idaho Drug Free Youth


IDAHO DRUG FREE YOUTH or iDFY (pronounced “i defy”) is Idaho’s statewide drug and alcohol prevention program for Idaho teens. Since 1991, iDFY has been a community based drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention program that educates and supports Idaho students. iDFY’s mission is empower youth to lead happy and healthy lives. The organization is growing and evolving. Tran Creative designed their fresh new look.


After looking at many logo variations, iDFY and our team have chosen a new symbol that represented iDFY in a complete spectrum going forward to the future. The new logo consists of four letters “i”. Each “i” is unique and different in its own way. Yet, together, they all shoot forward and upward. The four “i” with different colors communicate differences, uniqueness, individuality, teamwork, acceptance, community, and inspiration to achieve success. It does not matter who you are or where you come from, when you belong to iDFY, you become part of a family network. Together, we will move forward and upward into success. The overall rectangular shape is symbolic of being organized and having a structured foundation for progress and positive achievement. The typography is clean, modern, yet timeless.

The design execution is to be easily identifiable and produced on corporate collateral, web site, and other promotional products. See the new website: idahodrugfreeyouth.org



Frumpy Coffee


It’s a whole new way to do coffee. Introducing Frumpy Coffee – do it your way. Tran Creative was hired to provide branding services for this new brand/concept of coffee. As a new concept for a coffee brand set to unveil soon, our team was tasked with creating a whole new meaning for FRUMPY.

During research, we’ve found many coffee logos with the obvious cups, mugs, coffee beans, etc. We wanted to give Frumpy its own identity without relying on these obvious elements.

The new Frumpy Coffee logo features an “F”, full of life and energy. Frumpy is about Being Oneself. It’s a new way to express through coffee by blending it yourself. It’s about embracing the “Splash of Life”. The new Frumpy Coffee brand is set to launch soon. It will feature an online store, apparels, and unique packaging. Visit Frumpy Coffee’s Facebook page for updates on the launch: www.facebook.com/FrumpyCoffee



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