Cycle Central


Cycle Central is a bike shop in Wenatchee, WA. They hired Tran Creative to develop a new brand identity & web site. After many logo variations, we’d like to introduce the new visual identity for Cycle Central. The new logo consists of 4 shapes forming letter “C” in the negative space. We did not want to incorporate any bike specific elements: handle bar, chain, frame, etc. to provide future flexibility for Cycle Central to carry more products than just bikes. However, we stylized the shapes to have elements of cycling: aerodynamic, speed, and movement. Color Orange represents passion for exceptional customer service, energy and love for the sports. Gray stands for progressiveness and stability.

The new logo is applied on variety of applications: race kits, cycle jerseys, sales tags, apparels, signage, and much more.

See the new website:



1 Tri Coaching


1TRI Coaching hired Tran Creative to provide them with a new logo. We also helped with the naming. 1TRI has many meanings: one on one coaching, one vs. oneself (overcoming self-doubt), becoming #1 (the best you could possible be). Research shows that there are many triathlon related logos with 3 swim bike run figures. We want to give 1TRI a unique look that would make them unique, creative, and stand apart from the norm.

After many logo variations, designers at Tran Creative crafted 3 simple shapes to form #1. The stylization conveys: speed, movement, athlete body in motion, mountain peak of the Coeur d’Alene region, and the challenging yet rewarding road to success.


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