Nancy For Mayor


Tran Creative was asked to provide Branding services for Nancy Lowery, a Mayoral Candidate for City of Hayden, Idaho.


Majority of Political campaigns lack “The Identity”. Most of them either have just the candidate’s name or minimal graphic: star & stripes, etc. We wanted to give this campaign its own identity to stand out from the mass crowd.


Letter “N” for “Nancy”, with forward movement – forward thinking & progression. It’s also number “11” in orange to signify this significant year of election for the city of Hayden. The “orange parallel // symbol” also communicates balance & equality.

Orange = energy, innovation, and passion. Blue = experience, stability.

Overall, the logo is bold, yet friendly, timeless, memorable, and appeal to all demographics.


Avenue 54


Avenue 54 Advertising Agency Brand Identity


Atrium Professional Building


The Background:

ATRIUM is a 40,000+ SF Professional Office Building. The interior is designed with tropical lush plants & a river running through. Imagine working in a tropical paradise – all year round, yes, even in the snowy winters of North Idaho.

The Design Execution:

After research & consultation with the client, we wanted to create a logo mark that would capture the characteristics of the building: Professional, Relaxing, and Fresh. The challenge is to keep the graphic minimal to reflect the professionalism and would be simple to apply onto signage/landmark monument, but at the same time, bring out the tropical nature feel.

The result is the wordmark in a clean type treatment with a wavy shape as the crossbar of the “A”. This minimal design element conveys: plant, water, freshness, all in one.

To learn more about the building or if you’d like to work in tropical paradise all year round, please visit: