Momentum Architecture


The Ideas: Using a ruler and a T-square, we created letter “M” for Momentum and “A” for Architecture. The T-square = exactness. The subtle and orange “A” is also an arrow with upward momentum. The logo mark has a subtle reference to roof top of houses/buildings.

The typography is clean, strong, and timeless. Gray = experience. Orange = innovative, progressive, and passion for new ideas in architecture and design.

Momentum Architecture logo was recognized with an award from the American Advertising Awards under logo category.



Brian Hadley


Brian Hadley is a professional triathlete. As a veteran and 7x Ironman, he finished 4th overall at 2011 Ironman Coeur d’Alene and gave 2x Ironman World Champion and fellow competitor from Australia, Craig Alexander, a run for his money. Brian has also won numerous races at different distances.

Brian reached out to Tran Creative (creator of the Hayden Triathlon Brand) and asked us to provide him with a Visual Identity.

We wanted to create a brand that has a global appeal since Brian Hadley’s next big race happens to be Ironman Frankfurt in Germany. We also wanted an identity that reflects professionalism, friendliness, and appeal to all ages.

After over a hundred design concepts, the final result is a stylization of “b” and “h” for Brian Hadley. The round circle is molded into the “b” and “h” to reflect the subtle bike wheel element.

The colors red and black help identify the logomark with the wordmark. The lowercase typography speaks “down to earth, informal, and approachable”. Now, Brian Hadley, professional triathlete, has a brand identity to build upon as a solid foundation to acquire sponsorship, perform triathlon coaching, and other possible opportunities.


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