NuVu Property Management


The ideas: Letters N & V for NuVu. It’s also a shape of a roof. The logo mark inside the rectangle = protection + safety. The word NuVu derives from New View. Fresh color palette = fresh approach to property management.



Magic Carpet Services


Tran Creative was asked to design a new Brand Identity for Magic Carpet Services. The company is evolving and growing. They provide a lot more than just carpet sales & cleaning. They also offer remodeling, restoration, and much more. The decision (also a big challenge) was made to keep the name due to the brand equity over the years with faithful customers. We wanted to take MCS outside of the outdated “Aladdin” theme. So how do you design a modern & timeless identity for a magic carpet?

Out of the 3 words, “Magic” has the most appeal. So we capitalized on this word to come up with an “M”. It’s also stylized as a flying carpet with subtlety, moving forward. This mark now allows Magic Carpet Services to encompass many facets of services, not just carpet related jobs. Brown = hard work, not afraid to get dirty, down to earth. Blue = fresh + clean.

It’s going to be a fantastic & magical ride from here on out.




Verdis is a Land Planning + Landscape Architecture firm. Verdis derives from the Latin word “Viridis”, which means “Green”. The team of Verdis has exceptional talents + decades of experience in their field. They asked Tran Creative to create a visual identity to help solidify Verdis as a leader in the market.

Letter “V” for Verdis. The Square Corner represents Precision + Exactness. The Wavy Edge symbolizes the Landscape + Versatility. Custom Lowercase Letters communicate Friendliness + Approachability. The color brown represents the land & soil. Green is symbolic of freshness + landscape. Overall, Tran Creative made the logo clean, timeless, memorable, and has the flexibility to apply on different media & promotional products.


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