Mountain Home Medical


Tunstall Healthcare America ( ) has recently acquired Mountain Home Medical in Colorado, a company specialized in medical alarm and medical management tools, keeping people safe in their homes. They hired Tran Creative for a brand refresh: logo, corporate print collateral and a new and responsive web site.

After extensive research and over 100 logo variations, the final chosen logo captures the “M” for mountain to honor the company’s root in Colorado. The shapes also cross over (work together) to form a home. Blue and red colors derive from Tunstall corporate logo colors.

SEE the new site:



Animal Hospital of South Bay


Animal Hospital of South Bay in Los Angeles area hired Tran Creative to provide branding services. The hospital offers state-of-the-art services including: laser surgery, orthopedic surgery, radiology, ultrasound, dentistry, intensive care and much more…

After extensive research and over 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures 3 key elements that make it unique: “S” for South Bay, animals and a healthcare cross/bandage.

Color Teal represents gentle care, healing and the ocean of South Bay. Orange is for prompt action, innovation and creativity in solving problems. Brown solidifies a caring, friendly, down-to-earth and hard working group of veterinarians and staff.

The new logo is applied on new print collateral and a new responsive web site:



KACF | Kootenai Alliance For Children & Families


Tran Creative and KACF | Kootenai Alliance for Children and Families would like to introduce to you the fresh new look.

After research and communication with the client, we wanted to create a logo mark that would capture the characteristics of a community coming together and expanding outward as one. The end result conveys a joining of heads and ideas, which radiate into the rest of the community. Green represents life and growth. Blue represents fresh ideas and wisdom. Gray represents balance and strength within the family.

Tran Creative is happy to announce that the new brand identity was donated to KACF as a token of our love for Coeur d’Alene and its community.

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KACF_Communities_That_Care_Packet_tran_creative KACF_Communities_That_Care_Mailer_tran_creativeKACF_Communities_That_Care_Packet_inserts_tran_creativeKACF_Communities_That_Care_Rackcard_tran_creativeKACF_new_old_logo_design_tran_creative

Jimmy’s Roofing


Jimmy’s Roofing was established in 2001. With 3 locations in Seattle, Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, Jimmy’s Roofing is growing steadily over the last 14 years. They hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a new logo.

After much research and about 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures letter “J” and the roof top. Together, they unify to form a shape of a shield that convey protection and safety.

Colors Blue and Gray communicate experience, stability, durability and professionalism. The new logo will is applied on all print collateral and a new responsive web site:




Mall Realty Group


Mall Realty Group hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a new logo. After research and about 100 logo ideas, the new chosen logo features 2 shapes coming together to form letter “M” for Mall and the shape of a home in the negative space. The 2 shapes facing each other represent the “Combination” of Father & Daughter and “Communication” between Mall Realty Group and client. Overall, we want to create a mark that capture working together to solve problem, fairness, professionalism, clear and precise communication with clients and also define the real estate industry.

Blue and green are colors of the Pacific Northwest. Green is for fresh ideas, new approach. Blue helps solidify credibility, trust and stability.

The new logo is applied on all marketing collateral, stationery, business cards and a new website launching soon.

Priest Lake Race


Priest Lake has such a strong nature presence so we decided to focus more on Priest Lake as a distinctive + attractive destination rather than the typical “SWIM.BIKE.RUN” human figures. Research has shown that the area has ties to the Native American tribe Kalispel so an “aged” look was added to bring in a tribal feel. The rugged & dirt texture also resonate to the mountains & trails surrounding the area. “TRIATHLON” is located in a blue box – water. Since PRIEST LAKE organizers will have multiple events annually, this new identity system will give them the flexibility to add as many events as they would like without having to design each logo for each event. “MARATHON” – green. “MOUNTAIN BIKE” – purple, “CROSS COUNTRY SKI” – gold, and so forth…

Visit the new website:



Pristine Septic


Pristine Septic provides pumping, inspection, repairs and installation on septic systems. They’re bringing a fresh concept of service to the Pacific Northwest region. Pristine hired Tran Creative to provide branding services: business naming, corporate identity, web site, print collateral.

After much research and nearly 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures the “P”, pipe, arrows that convey circulation of water/liquid, pumping action. Blue and green provide a fresh sense of cleanliness and reflect colors of the Pacific Northwest.

See the new website:



Eldore Construction


Eldore Construction in Priest Lake, Idaho specializes in lake homes, custom decks, additions and renovations. They hired Tran Creative to develop a new visual identity system, including a new logo.

After much research and many logo concepts, in 2 simple shapes, the final chosen logo captures the “E” laying the solid foundation of the house. The yellow arrow points upward onto success. Together, the 2 shapes form a house in the negative space.

Blue conveys experience, stability, safety and the water of Priest Lake. Yellow is for the sunshine on the lake, innovation and beacon of passion for perfection.



Sandpoint Furniture


Established in 1945, Sandpoint Furniture has nearly 100,000 square feet of space and showroom. From carpet, mattress, cabinets, glass, blinds to furniture and clearance center, Sandpoint Furniture is a one stop shop for your home.

Tran Creative was hired to develop a visual identity system for this shopping center. After several months of research and a few hundred logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures the small town feel of Sandpoint, Idaho in the form of a signature “S”. The signature mark conveys the fine craftsmanship, tradition and solid reputation of a great store that has been in business for 70 years. We also frame the logo into a square to showcase the nature aspects of Sandpoint: mountain, lake, waves, blue sky and greenery.

The new logo is applied onto business cards, gift certificate, shopping bags, letterhead, envelope, brochures, store signage, price tags, … and all print collaterals.

Pinnacle Physical Therapy


Pinnacle Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine provides quality physical therapy with 2 locations in Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene.

Pinnacle PT is growing and evolving. They hired Tran Creative to provide branding services and help tell their story visually with a new logo. Research showed that many “Pinnacle” logos often have the mountain peaks. We wanted to be unique and stay away from the obvious mountain. After much research and about 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures the “P” for Pinnacle. The logo also exudes movement, pinnacle of life in green (without being too obvious). The road to recovery (in blue) is typically not easy. But with persistence, patience and determination, and care from Pinnacle PT, one will be able to get back on top, to the pinnacle of their life.

Blue and green capture the region’s colors. Blue is for healthcare and experience. Green is for healing and recovery.

The new logo is applied onto all print collateral and a new & responsive web site: