Kootenai Urgent Care


Kootenai Urgent Care has 3 clinics in CDA, Hayden and Post Falls. KUC has hired Tran Creative to create a fresh new site. We want to focus more on lifestyle rather than the clinical side of urgent care. People can live life, do what they love. When they get hurt with minor injuries, come see KUC. The new site is responsive to mobile devices. www.kootenaiurgentcare.com

Welch Comer


Founded in 1979, Welch Comer Engineers has grown from a 2-person office to nearly 30 employees. WC has hired Tran Creative to create a fresh new web site for their firm. The new site is responsive to mobile devices. Thank you for checking it out: www.WelchComer.com

LaunchPad Trampoline Park


LaunchPad Trampoline Park is a series of indoor Trampoline Parks being built throughout CANADA. Trampoline Parks are relatively newer concepts to the area. The partners at LaunchPad Trampoline Park hired our firm to provide full branding services.

After much exploration, including abstract and conceptual logo variations, the chosen solution is straightforward, fun, and full of energy. The chosen logo does not need much of an explanation, which is fitting for the newer market. The mark portrays a flying rocket-man with upward movement. We chose a fun color scheme for the entire family. Orange is for energy and excitement. Blue is for bouncing to the sky. The new logo is applied on all marketing & promotional pieces and the new web site.

LaunchPad Trampoline Park’s brand new 24,000 square feet facility is NOW OPEN in Edmonton, Canada. They hired Tran Creative to revamp their site. INTRODUCING the fresh, new and mobile responsive web site for one of Canada’s premiere trampoline parks. It’s party time!

Check it out: www.launchpadtrampoline.com



Alternative Molding Concepts


Established in 2007, Alternative Molding Concepts (AMC) is the leading injection molder in the Northwest. AMC has hired Tran Creative to create a new web site to help tell their story. The new site is responsive to mobile devices and gives AMC staff the ability to make updates easily.

SEE the NEW SITE: www.amconcepts-inc.com


North Idaho Family Physicians


We just launched a new and responsive web site for NIFP (North Idaho Family Physicians), a network of physicians and clinics. NIFP is also HIRING, especially in medical billing/coding. Pass it on if you know of someone looking for work: www.nifp.com




EPIS is the developer of AURORAxmp, the leading-edge software for forecasting wholesale power market prices. Introduced in 1997, EPIS also provides ready-to-use data for North America and Europe. They have hired Tran Creative to give the company’s web site a fresh new look. INTRODUCING the new and responsive site: www.epis.com

I AM Campaign


Through creativity and design, we can inspire the world. I AM is a campaign that celebrates life journeys.

From cancer survivors, rape victims, drug addicts, deaths, veterans, to Ironman triathletes, Tran Creative has made nearly 1,000 inspiring I AM posters for individuals from all over the world.

People can LIKE Tran Creative Facebook, submit story lines & photos. Tran Creative makes them FREE posters so they can share with others. I AM campaign has been featured on IRONMAN, Whatnexter.com, Newton Running, and many other Sites and Social Media pages.

We are in the planning process to publish books, posters, banners that will feature incredible stories of courage, survival, hope and characteristics that inspire mankind.

Visit: www.facebook.com/trancreative to see the latest and get your FREE I AM poster.

See ALL I AM posters (Click Here)


I_Am_campaign_Tyce_tran_creative I_Am_Greg_Moore_K27_coeur_d_alene_idaho_tran_creative_graphic_design I_Am_Staci_McCoy_tran_creative_visual_communication_design_coeur_d_alene_idahoI_Am_canpaign_Laura_PINK_tran_creative_graphic_design_coeur_d_alene_idaho I_Am_Campaign_Sharon_Bergeron_tran_creative_graphic_design I_Am_Campaign_RichardDonley1_tran_creative_graphic_design I_Am_campaign_DerekF_tran_creative_graphic_design_visual_communication_design_spokane_washington I_Am_Campaign_CareT_tran_creative_graphic_design I_Am_Campaign_BrettA_tran_creative_graphic_design



Enliven is a healing center: holistic life coaching, nutrition counseling, meditation, yoga,… Tran Creative has been hired to create a new logo and tell the story. The new logo consists of 3 letters “e”. Weaving and working together, they convey: balance, flexibility, movement, nature, and flow of life. Sea foam Green provides healing, freshness and hope. Gray portrays stability and experience. The new logo will be applied on all printed materials and a new & responsive web site launching soon…

INFA | Inland Northwest Foot & Ankle


Our friends at INFA hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including the the new & responsive web site. Dr. Bryan Thompson, Foot & Ankle Surgeon has established a well-known clinic in the region for the past decade. Visit the new website:  inlandfoot.com.



Big Sky


Founded in 2000, Big Sky Cutting Edge is the world’s largest independent diamond blank cutting and most high tech EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) shop in the world. They are also leading experts in PCD/CBN manufacturing, serving the Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Mining, Oil & Gas industries. Big Sky’s facility consists of great staff and state of the art robotic & laser equipments. Their facility has been featured in Modern Machine Shop and other worldwide publications.

Big Sky hired Tran Creative to provide branding services. The first project was the the logo. Through research, we found that most of the logos named Big Sky have actual sky and mountain. We wanted to create a unique representation of Big Sky and not just the obvious and overdone elements.

After over 100 different logo concepts, together with our client, we have chosen the new logo for Big Sky. Two diamond shapes crossing over to form a B and Mountain top to honor Big Sky’s root in Montana, where it all started. The edgy and angular execution of the 2 shapes solidify the “Cutting Edge” aspect of Big Sky. It is truly an amazing modern cutting shop. Blue Sky color and Yellow of robotic equipments complete Big Sky Cutting Edge new logo.

The new logo is applied on all new marketing and print collateral and a new & responsive web site: