Northwest Hospital Alliance


Northwest Hospital Alliance is a group of hospitals united to network, share resources, and provide better care for patients. Currently, the alliance includes 5 hospitals: Kootenai Health, Benewah Community Hospital, Bonner General Health, Boundary Community Hospital and Shoshone Medical Center, with room to add more hospitals in the future.

Tran Creative was hired to develop a branding system including: naming, logo, print collateral and logo standard guide.

After several months of extensive research and hundreds of logo concepts, the final logo was voted and chosen by the 5 CEOs of 5 hospitals. The new Northwest Hospital Alliance logo captures letters “H” and “A” (the short name will be referred to as the Hospital Alliance). The 2 linking hospital crosses convey working together, the bridge and connection between hospitals.

Blue and green capture the Northwest colors. Blue is for healthcare, experience and stability. Green is for healing and recovery. Orange radiates hope, energy, passion and innovation.

The logo was given an ADDY award at 2015 American Ad Fed.


Coeur d’Alene Triathlon


2015 marks the 32th anniversary for one of the premiere triathlons in the Inland Northwest – Coeur d’Alene Triathlon & Duathlon. Event organizers hired Tran Creative to create a fresh new look that communicates: scenic, progressiveness, and quality in such a historic annual sporting event.

After much research and many logo variations, the chosen final logo conveys speed, movement, scenic and simple enough to recognize and withstand the test of time for years to come. Research showed that there were many triathlon logos with typical SWIM BIKE RUN figures. We wanted CdA Tri logo to be unique in its own ways. Our designers crafted a “dynamic” letter “C”. The new logo also conveys speed, movement, active, bike wheel, athlete, water, wave, and mountain top. In doing so, we captured both aspects of the race: athlete & magnificient landscape of Lake Coeur d’Alene. Color Blue = water, lake. Green = nature, fresh. Orange is symbolic of Energy, Speed, and Passionate Commitment from organizers to bring the best possible race each year to participants. To learn more about the race, visit:



Coeur d’Alene Dental Center


Coeur d’Alene Dental Center has been around the longest in the area dating back to the 1960s. They have hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a NEW logo. During extensive research and visual audits on competitors, we saw many dental logos with tooth, molar, mountain, tree, toothbrush… After over 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures brush, bristles, refreshing & cleansing bubbles and community. These elements come together to form letter “C” for Coeur d’Alene. The chosen color palette reflects dentistry, freshness, cosmetic, beauty, comfort and friendliness.



The Inspiration


The New & Responsive Web Site


See new site:



Peach Orthodontics


Peach Orthodontics hired Tran Creative to develop a new logo. After about 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures more than just a peach – letter P, refreshing smile and a swirl of enthusiasm, passion and energy of an orthodontics group who truly cares about patients and loves what they do for over 20 years. Peach orange, refreshing aqua blue and nature green solidify and add flavors to the visual identity system.

The new logo will be applied onto all new marketing and communication materials, signage and a new web site.


Rock City Grill


Rock City Grill, an iconic restaurant located at River Park Square in Spokane, has hired Tran Creative to create a new and responsive website to show and tell their story. Thank you for checking it out:

Spokane Club


Spokane Club has hired Tran Creative to create a new and responsive website to show and tell their story. Thank you for checking it out:

Pacific Grinding


Pacific Grinding specializes in concrete floors. They have done work throughout the Inland Northwest, including the Davenport new Grand Hotel. Tran Creative has been hired to develop a new logo. After research and about 100 logo concepts, the final chosen logo captures letter “P”, layers of flooring with the bottom tip of the P pointing to the concrete floor. Orange is for energy and innovation. Gray communicates concrete and flooring.

Tran Creative is happy to launch the new logo and web site for Pacific Grinding.


Marksman Armory


Marksman Armory, a firearms & gears company, has hired Tran Creative to provide branding services including a new logo development. After research and about 100 logo concepts, the new chosen logo, in 2 simple shapes, captures letter “M” in the center as “the Mark”. The round shape of the logo inspired by barrel, back side of a bullet, target. The bottom white shape signifies scanning and range of target. The pointy edges imply outdoors, hunting mountain range.

The new logo will be applied onto all marketing collateral including a new and responsive web site.

12 Ks of Christmas


12K’s of Christmas RUN is coming to Coeur d’Alene this winter. Announcement will be made soon… Who’s excited to RUN with Santa, his elves and reindeer?

Kupuna Monitoring Systems


TUNSTALL Healthcare America ( ) has recently acquired KUPUNA Monitoring Systems in Hawaii, a company specialized in medical alarm and medical management tools. TUNSTALL hired Tran Creative to provide a brand refresh: logo, corporate print collateral and a new & responsive web site.

After extensive research and many logo variations, the final chosen logo captures the K, alert signal, and an abstract floral element to honor the company’s Hawaii root. Colors Blue & Red communicate experience in healthcare, alert, alarm and derive from Tunstall corporate logo colors.

SEE the new site: